It seems to make a hallucinogen journey. 
Everywhere i turn, i see signs and double numbers that  want says me something very important. 

It’s from yesterday that i perceive strong vibrations, and today when i seen my runes, Ansuz and Gebo were in front me in silent, and we know their meaning. Their powerful meaning.
And when i took my smartphone, i didn’t wanted believe. It was marking another double number. 
Maybe the greatest, and with his meaning, it have perfectly matched with the runes.

I have to throw away the air from the lungs, for don’t crazy.
They are two days that everything is turning fast, and our connection is making itself stronger, and in some on in another way, we feel it surrouding us, and from two days we are inside in a twirl in which all these sign making us understand that, maybe we are inside something bigger than we can imagine. 

Maybe the stones that i have sent you are communicating  each other, and they are feeling our closeness despite our real distance, but  they know that we are destinated to being together. 
Together in Our Parallel World.


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