He was there on the stair, and he was looking at us, and on his glacial face, almost was printed a satisfied smile, almost to challenge us.
He had freezed everybody, even his nimble creatures which glance were dancing among their leader and their supreme leader.  There was an atmosphere that, not even us could imagine. 

All the attention of the presents was focused on Raikin, and even who was lean on the hard rock, wanted see. 
Slowly and very silent, Michelle with the help of the big Cyclope have been placed on another rock next the iron gate.  
She wanted see her bodyguard how would have faced it, knowing that he had faced creatures like that one who slowly was going down that small stair. 
When he have reached the floor, he struck the stick on the ground, making resounding it in that ambient.
It was more scaring than we could remember, and it have freezed our blood.

Everybody were looking at him walking slow in the middle of that gelid enviroment, standing how we were, before his enter. 
There was enoug light to see him well, and at end he have placed himself beetween the two opponents, and he have looked at both. First his nimble creatures, then us inside the prison.
You was next to the bodyguard who didn’t he didn’t let the hold, on the contrary, the more Raikin was coming closer, the more he was tightening the knife on the neck of his hostage.

We inside the prison, have could feel all the tension that it was breathing in those instants, and my bigger desire it was see your glance, and maybe hear your voice call my name, but it was impossible.
Those endless seconds got back me in time, in that sort of big warehouse when we were looking for him.
I had my heart that was beating so strong, and eventually with a thread of voice, your name have came out from my mouth. 
I knew you havd heardt me, and with the corner of the eye, you had looked for to turn yourself, but you have tried to get calm me with an impercetible gesture of your finger.
I have noticed it immediately, and looking at Michelle, i have throw away the air from the lungs, and she have took my hand in her paws. 
We have shared a glance. In mine, she have could see a bit of terror, while in hers, i have seen a sort of smile. She was confident on his “man”, and she have made me comprehend that, she never seen him so determinated.

After that long silence, in which however it have could heard voices that have overlaped themselves, Raikin have spoken coming toward us, and his glance below the top hat have lifted iteself, and  with a calm tone of voice, he said: “I see that the pendant have not lose its powers to heal. How are you Michelle?” and he  elongated his face to see her behind you and the bodyguard.

I have tightened her paws stronger, and she with a challenge’s glance, have replied: “Yes, thanks the pendant and its magical water everybody us have gained again forces, and if  you set us free, we could even defeat you.”
And her glance went to the bodyguard, who at a soft nod of her, have made came out a bit of blood from the neck of the nimble creature who was looking at his leader asking him help, but when he have came enough closer, with the pointed end of his cane, he have cutted his throat, and the advantage we had, it vanished in a second.

The nimble creature have immediately fallen on the ground in the middle of his own blood, with his eyes wide open. 
We have remained breathless, as the other nimble creatures to the other side, and even them have looked at us speechless.
“You have been foolish to create confusion keeping in hostage a nimble creature, it have made me think again on your smartness, ah what foolish you have been! I have left you the pendant, don’t for a forgetfulness of mine. No!”
And his glance have place itself on Michelle, and everybody have understand what he wanted say.

He had to see if the pendant had still the healing power, and it had widely show it, on that one group of creatures.
He have came closer to the iron gate and now his glance was straight into your.
I have left the place next Michelle and i have came next to you, and i have embraced you from behind, looking at straight Raikin. 
I knew what he was about to ask, but i have remained in silence.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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