I have to

Throw away all the air from lungs, and go slow down the heart that is going crazy.
I’m shaking the head, and making  just  few calculations, everything match, and now that i’m looking at in this picture, i’m smiling inside. 

Just one year ago you have came to see my instastory, and this year this picture.
When i dive myself in those eyes, even in grey, i can see infinity of our connection, and now that i’m thinking about it, i can only shake the head, smiling. And just now a double number have appeared. 

If i put together all these elements i can only go crazy. 
Still shake the head, and from far i can perceive you are thinking a bit of me.
Is it possible that is only a coincidence, when i don’t believe no longer in them when is about you.
No, it is not. Everything perfectly match. 

It’s Our Parallel World. It wants say us that each day, hour by hour, that magic that have accomplished seven years ago, has becoming always stronger, and we both are feeling it, and maybe even you have remembered of last year and you have wanted make me this surprise, but maybe i’m esagerating.


Listen to it🔉⤵


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