This time we didn’t how really to move ourselves, in that situation, but we had to try find a way.
Maybe try to trick the nimble creatures, and maybe looking at Michelle, we had found it. 
We have explained her what we have got in mind, and we knew that we have could count on her skills of acting.

She was not totally healed. On her body were still signs of denutriation, and she was still weak. 
The plan on table seemed working, but we had to organize ourselves how we would moved ourselves.
The idea have came out from the bodyguard, who was next to Michelle, and he was looking at her deeply in her green sweet eyes. 
She was looking at him a bit worried, but she have would risk this craziness in order to go out from that uncomfy prison.
She was barely moving herself, and everybody have could see her discomfort.
Staying lean on the hard rock, it have not been the maximum for a creature used to be on soft sofas, and her  wounds or scratches that i had notced her skin, they have been provokated by that continuos rubbing on that hard floor.

So, planned it we have give the other the last advices, and only when everybody have felt ready, we have thrown all the air from the lungs, and you have came to the iron gate, screaming: “Help!!! We have need of help!”
But your scream have been covered by the noise of those machinery. Only at third attempted, you have been capable to catch the attention of those creatures, who have looked at themselves around, and only  when they have stopped that big machine, they have comprehend that someone was calling from that prison occupied.

Only one of those creatures have came closer to the iron gate, and with that shrill voice, have made us understand that «She was ok, and don’t try again to stop us”, but you have insisted, making him see Michelle sorrounded by the other creatures, who were looking at that creature with an incredulou glance.
You have attempted once again to say something, but when that nimble creature was about to return to his machine, he have felt himself hold, and he have been crushed against those iron bars, and one voice more deeper, have threatened him saying: “Do you feel this blade? If you don’t open it immediately, i promise that i shove you it down the throat”. 
It was the bodyguard who had stolen your knife from your jeans pocket, and he was pulling out his real nature, and in those seconds, even us inside that prison, have would do what he was ordering to do. 

I was next Michelle, looking at that scene speechless. Maybe it was the very first time that everybody were seeing their bodyguard in his real habits, but this have not at all scare Michelle, on the contrary, on her sweet face, i have could perceive a small smile of proud.
And when the other creatures have noticed that something was going really bad, have stopped and slowly they went  to see what was happening, and because their leader didn’t get back.

It took them a while to realize that we had taken the situation under control, threatening that creature, which in those moments had been silenced by the cold of that blade on its greenish skin.
Behind him, that big baldhead creature, who was now looking straight into their strange eyes, and if he saw, even a tiny movement of his opponents, aimed that blade at the throat his hostage.

We were looking at that scene from behind, and everything around seemed us freezing itself. 
Also the air seemed stopped to circulating, in that dark and humid ambient, where only the water drops marking the passing time.
And only when  from the upstair, it have opened a door, and a blow of freeze air have wrapped the whole enviroment, we have hold back the breathe.
A long, dark, long-limbed figure had descended, and when we all heard the thin crack of a stick, everything became even more chilly.
His heavy breathing filled the entire room and everyone watched as he entered.
He stayed where he stopped, and he looked at us one by one.
He didn’t speak”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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