And so, everybodyhave placed themeselves in row, waiting for their turn. 
The bowl was filling fast and as soon it was enough full, Michelle have gave it to each of them, saying what i have said her. “Drink slow”, and so they have done.
Then when our friends have ended, they have looked at us and Yvonne have invited to come closer and take the bowl. 

We have looked at each other, and slowly i have took the bowl from the Michelle paws. She have smiled us nodding. 
We knew that that water have would give us more energy, and surely we had need it, so without thinking much we have drink the end and then you have replaced it below the trickle, and drop by drop, the amethyst have been covered once again.
But now, with our friends who were gaining new energy each minute was pass, in our minds was growing  something that sounded like a revenge, and the more we were looking at our friends, the more we knew that they were thinking to the same thing.

Who have made the first step, have been the bodyguard, and looking at Michelle, have said: “We have to exit from here. We have to make him pay!”
He have looked at everybody, and only at end he have turned toward us who have looked at him, aware that it would be harder that we could imagine.
We were certain to have defeated him in that solitary village, but only in those days we had have the confirmation that he was really  obstinate. 

We have shared a glance with the question “But how we do?” printed on our faces, and in those seconds we were reliving that bad adventure in that shed. 
Dazz who wasn’t at all stupid, in that glance had intuited that the very first we had met Raikin we had no nobodyby our side, and against a creature like him, nobody alone would could destroy him.
And when he said: “But now, you have us” he have made us jolted.
We have looked at each other, and only when our thoughts have crossed each other, you have started talk, like if you was got back in time.
“Daria was really bad. her leg was been seroiuselywounded by that wolf, and i had only my knife…” and you have left that thought suspended. 
I was looking at you with the heart that was beating hard, and i have believe that everybody have heard it.

Everybody had looked at you with wide eyes open, thinking what you had have to feel.
For a long instants nobody have talked. That sensation was still running fast and vividly in your mind, and when you have looked at me, you have came closer embracing me sweetly among your arms. “I would have could lose you”, and that thought have petrefied your glance. At only hear those phrase, my blood have freezed, and i have looked at straight into your eyes, while you was tightening my hips. 
We wanted really escape from there.

“But now, you are not two. Here we are. Together we can make it” had whispered the bodyguard coming toward us, giving us a pat on our shoulders. 
With the fear still printed on our faces, we had smiled trembling. 
We had to only take the courage to face up, maybe our biggest enemy one more time.
But this time, as have said that baldhead creature,  we could defeat him definitely. 
That thought was digging inside our minds, and the more we were looking all those creatures in that prison, the more we could see their wish to see him burn in a hell worst than that one in which we were in that instant.

And only when i sighed your name, you have turned looking at straight inside my eyes, and i have said: “We have to try…” and in those instants we have looked at everybody who were waiting for an our beckon.
I have looked at you again, and  you have said: “Ok let’s do it” tightening me strong to you.
Decided this, we had to only search an escape way from that prison, even in hurry.
Remaining there, it would been our death sentence.”


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