Our connection

It’s so powerful that even unknown people can perceive it.
IT’s from before that my heart is beating so strong, and i can feel your arms around my belly, and when the universe have showed me once again that double number, i wanted see what it did have meant. 

I have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Maybe you are ready to welcome inside your life the magic that from seven years is surrounding me.
And maybe it’s not a coincidence that one person have said me like this. 
Our connection is become always stronger each day is pass. 
I can feel it, and those stones, that have been in my hands, and now are in your, have transported that emotion, and now is sorrounding you always more.

Our small electric shocks are crossing our minds. We feel each other closer than ever. 
It don’t care if you don’t visit my open diary. Something stronger is linking us,  and when we feel it inside us, it’s from there  that born everything of what we have need.
Our connection, inside Our Parallel World. 



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