We had spent those hours checking Michelle, the pendant and those water dops that continuing  got wet the amethyst. While you was checking that from that corner of that prison you could glimpse some of those creatures who were going back at those machines. 
While the bodyguard, for how he could was digging that stone to collect that water.

That waiting was exhausting, and everybody had not close the eyes not even for a minute. The adrenaline was running fast in each of us. 
The real one exhausted was the poor Michelle, who now even her was looking at each waterdrop that got wet the pendant.
At certain point that silence that was reigning in that creeping ambient have been broken by her voice, and she have called me.
I was next to her, taking her paw in my hands.
With her weak voice have asked me to tell her the story of that pendant.
I have looked her smiling, and without entering in the particulars, very similar to what was happening in those moment, i have simply said his magical power. “Who drink his water heal from each pain, and above all, have his protect.
Now some waterdrops have helped you to gain some forces, but that energy it is not enough. You will see, when we will have that bowl, everything will pass.”

I have said her those words staring her, then my glance have placed on you waiting for some signs, but from that part was all calm, but you had heardt some noises, and in a sigh, you have said: “Maybe they are preparing to go down”, and at those your sentences, the bodyguard have paid attention to those noises that little by little, have came closer.
And when from the bottom of that big ambient it have opened a big door, a swollen river of nimble creatures with their shrill voices have filled that ambient. You have looked at him, and without waste time, he have started to work that stone, and now with the machinery on, our stonemason have would worked faster.

Now every glances were set on his hands that seemed really in confort with the stone that he was modelling.
Despite in that subterranean there was alot confusion, and nobody could not distinguish mechanical noise with that one of our friend, you have placed yourself in front of the iron gate, to check that none of those creatures had could heard a different noise from usual, and it seemed that everything was going toward the right verse.

The bodyguard, a baldhead creature with many tatoos on his hard skin, who would have scared anyone, was faster than he could to save her friend, and when from his nook have came out with a perfect and enough deep bowl, he have ran directly to that trickle and himself have placed that perfect bowl below and while it was filling, he have looked at me, asking the permission to put the pendant inside. 
With a dry nod, i gave it him, and everybody have stared for a couple of seconds that little magic that was accomplishing below our eyes.

Little by little and very quickly, that bowl was filling itself coveriung that amethyst, and what we have expected , it have became real.
Those little drops that before were only little sparkle of light, now it have became a soft light that was spreading in that dark prison, and each sparkle of light was touching each of our friends, included us, and each wounds or scratches they had on their skin, in short time, have vanished, and for who was looking at them, their aspect was  getting better second after second.

Immediately i went to Michelle and i have bent. She was the weaker of the group, but this time she was smiling more conviced than before, and in her glance i have could see that sparkle that had always caraterized her making itself more bright.
I have smiled her, and in a sigh, i have said: “The amethyst’s effect is working on everybody, you will see within few you will be fine”. I have remained close to her till when the bowl have filled itself, and i have helped Michelle to drink several sips, but i have said her to drink very slow. The amethyst water would have regenerated those part of her body as soon she have would swallowed the water, but remembering the first time, the skinny witch, had always said me to drink it slowly sip by sip, and so i have said Michelle.

After have drink several sips, i have immediately seen some small improvements, and i have made you noticed them. Finally you have seen a smile really relief, and coming closer to me, you have embraced me tight.
After drink some sips Michelle have replaced the bowl below the water, and she have wanted the bodyguard close to him. She have wanted thanked him, and she wanted that everybody have drink that water.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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