When it appeared

I have immediately felt Our Parallel World opening itself in front us, and your closeness making iteself always stronger. 
You and me are communicating with our eletric shocks, and everything become so wonderful.
I can hear your whispers, while that sweet piece is wrapping us, despite we are far one another.

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, because in someway you are looking at those stones, and you are touching them with maximum cure. 
I feel you are closer to me, and i can feel your heart is beating slowly faster. 

When i seen that double number, before write you, it have got back in mind the scene, that often i will relive in this period, and when i think that you have my stuff, i smile blushing, biting my lips.

Now i feel your arms around my belly, and you  are turning me. 
Your glance is piercing my soul. I feel your delicate touch and you are start to move me in our slow dance. 
Our foreheads are touching, and that white shirt is fluttering around us. I could going crazy.
Your hand lift my face, and our eyes meet, and everything around vanish. 
We exists only us.

Our breathe are merging each other, and only when your lips come closer to mine, i stop breath, and only your lips meet mine, you give me new life. 
You are taking me in the only place i want stay with you. Where we can going crazy together.
Our Parallel World.


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