We had to collect that water as in the faster way possible to give everybody a way to recharge them, and give Michelle energy.
In that prison, obtained by the rocks, we have looked at us around to find a sort of a bowl, but there was nothing that looked like at what we had need. 
But only when the unique bodyguard of the striptease have came out from another nook of that prison, he have said in shortly he have would obtained what we had absolutely need from those stones on the ground.
But even him, despite he was really strong, he was weak, and he had made us notice that silence, and to begin to obtain  that bowl, he would have caught the attention of the nimble creatures.

The mechanical noises had to start again for confuse his work of stonemason, but they knew that for that day or night, or whatever was the hour, the nimble creatures had ended their turn, and they have would start again only several hours after.
Everybody didn’t know what we had in mind, we have could not to wait. Michelle was really bad, and if we had not do something we had fear that she have would not passed the night.
She was smiling, and only her smile have gave us the strenght to try another ploy.

With the help of Cyclope, i have asked him to move her next the waterdrops, and when we have settled her at best, i have pulled out the pendant and with the maximum care i placed it just below the water that, one by one, got wet it, and at each drops that falling, it was spreading a soft purple light inside the prison.
We knew that it wasn’t the same like drink the amethyst water, but we had garanteed Michelle a little of the amethyst’s magic heal her.
We have remained in front of her looking at for a couple of minutes that strange game of lights, and each time that water have touching the amethyst, a purple sparkle have came absorbed by Michelle, and she was smiling with that grimace printed on her digged face.

“Already i feel much better” she have said, knowing of liying. I have looked at her worried. I have bent, and taking her big paws, i have said: “I know you are strong. You have an innate will force. We have to only wait for still a couple of hour. Are you able to?”
She have smiled me caressing my face, and when i got up, i have remained a couple of seconds to look at those waterdrops  got wet the pendant, and how the Michelle body was absorbing that light.
It seemed really a destiny’s game, to which i didn’t like to assist at all.
I have could not remain there staring her for all the time, and you knew it, so delicately you have taken me on the sidelines, and in front of those iron gates, you  have looked at Michelle first then me, and then you have asked: “How she is doing?”

I have looked at you deeply and after throw away all the air from the lungs, i have shaked the head. 
I knew her better than everybody there, but at that question i was in front to a white wall where could have being written each kind of answers, and when i have looked at her again, my heart stopped in wait of another her big breathe.

Dazz, Jim with Cyclope and Yvonne were next to her to check that everything was going well. 
Jim have gave us a glimpse and he have nodded. He would have warned us if something went awry.
I have thanked him softly nodding, and with you i went next the bodyguard in that nook, and i have stared what he was preparing for that bowl.
He have looked at me then he have gave a quick glance what he had put in a corner next to him, and looking at Michelle next that sort of trickle water, he have said: “I will do the sooner possible, when those cursed creatures will reprise their work. I will don’t permit that Michelle ending her days here.”

We had noticed that he had began work with his chain to give a rounded form to a stone, but he was only to the begin, and he had stopped himself, because what he had to make next it would have requested several hits, and he have would attracted the attention with that one he had under hand. Only his heavy chain.”


Listen to it 🔉⤵




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