When i have

Felt that soft punch in the stomach became stronger, our minds have connected in a unexpected way.
I have started feel  everything turning fast. And you have brought me in that local, where i didn’t have seen you, but in someway i have perceived your presence and someone, or you have started to talk of me. 

I was still sleeping, but i have feeling your presence next to me. 
Your embrace was so strong. My head has literally exploded when i have opened the eyes, and i have continued feel your closeness. 

Still now, i can perceive our eletrick shocks crossing my mind, and it’s the most beautiful sensation i’m feeling right now.
You have and you are still talking about me and what i have sent you, and you are talking about it with your friends and parents. 

I feeling our connection is become always stronger, and even you don’t know how let me know that you have my parcel, i can feel Our Parallel World is uniting us always more.
I can see it in your wonderful glance, and it is concentrate itself in your tiny mole.
What i can oly do is throw aaway all the air from the lungs, and feeling your strong embrace around my belly closing the eyes.


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