When even you, have recognized Michelle, you have looked at me scaring, and have shared a petrefied glance with Dazz, but immediately after, you have came to check the other, who like Michelle  were repeating our names, like they have had hallucinations. 
But little by little, you have tranquilized them, but then you have got back to look at Michelle, really badly reduced, and with a low tone of voice, you have asked Cyclope what have happened to her.

He have looked at you, but he have not been capable to reply. Only when Yvonne have came closer to you, you haven’t recognized her as much skinny she have became, but her sweet voice have remained the same.
And she have began to talk.
“My dear, only she knows it… She have been the very first to being caught. We everybody, were in the striptease club to settle it for the evening, when we have heard her screams and just when we have came to see what have happened, already, she was disappeared, and we hadn’t ever seen his helper so disperated.”, and so Yvonnne have turned and from the darkness of that prison, have came out that creature with that strange long neck.
With a trembling voice, he have described what his mind wanted absolutely remove, but how have have started to tell us what he had seen, in his glance we could have see that it was still vivid in his mind.

“At the evening, i have the task to close the window of her changing room, and i lock the window with all the closings it has, but that evening that blow of wind, have wided open the window, and in a strong vortex it have taken Michelle taking her away. 
I have seen this vortex taking her, and making her turn like a spinning top, it brought her away trough the window… i have tried to caught her, but only when i ran next to the window, already she was vanished. Her scream was still hammer my head, and when i see her, i think that it’s been all my guilt.”

We had left the Michelle helper had end, then we have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
With her soft voice, Yvonne have tried to consolated him, but they were, already words heardt, and also that time they had not worked. 

Looking at her, she was no longer the bubbly and joyful Michelle that we had known, but since when that nimble creature had thrown us inside that prison,  something had shaked her, and in fact, despite she wasn’t in force, she been the first one, who have wanted check who have been let enter.
I was staring at her, looking for make her feel better, whispering what we had discovered, but she have wanted know who was that Raikin who had said her: “If they care about you, they will arrive soon” , and when our glances have met hers, you have said: “It will be a name that we everybody, should forget once this story will end.”
Always looking at Michelle, i have nodded. I was holding both her big paws,  looking for to understand  if she had some wounded or scratches. 
I was examing her big body, but it seemed she had not have nothing serious, but i have could see in her glance much scare. I knew she was one of the bravest creatures i ever met, even if i knew that she had not ever tried a thing like that, and i knew that in that her glance straight into mine, there was the question that she never made me, but in those instant it was a legit one. 
“How do you face all things?” I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and in that usual gesture that she had learn to read, there were all my answers that were accumulating one on another.
And only when our glances have met once again, i have sweetly smiled her, and when in a total silence, even when the mechanical sounds have stopped, i have heard some waterdrops falling on the ground, i have remember of the amethyst pendant, and i have asked where that sound have came from.

“From here” a weak voice have said, but in that Dazz had recognized his chief, and he have ran toward him, and when Jim have understand that his deaf friend had regained hearing, he have looked at us astonished.
Maybe of all that bad thing, it was the only good one. And now Jim was indicating Dazz from where i had heardt the waterdrops, but we had not something to collect it, as had made us notice Dazz.

We had to collect it as soon possible. 
But without realizing, we had all to create what we had need. A bowl.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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