Raikin had given the nimble creature the task to accompanied us in the subterranean of that old house, and in that walk, i was commiserating me for the great mistake i had done, and you have could hear my thoughts. 
Almost i was cursing myself, but when i have met your glance, in your eyes i have could read: “You have tried it, don’t worry we will try again”,  and slowly you have smiled me. 
At that wonderful and sweet gesture, i have remained serious, and you have understand that i was reasoning on each steps i had done, and in a low voice i was saying: “I don’t had to make me take by the fear”, and i was reapeting it like a broken record.

At certain point you have said: “Stop you, please” and only when i have heard that severe setence, i have looked at you, and with a soft i have said: “Yes, excuse me”, and i have looked at what i had still in hand.

In all that, i hadn’t permise Raikin to take the pendant, and i have looked at it deeply, as if it could speak to me. 
But when the nimble creature have said us stopped, i have reprised myself and hiding it once again in my hand, i have looked at you more determinated than before, and only in those seconds, i have thought that maybe it have been good that Raikin had caught us in that unexepected way.

Walking in those subterranean, i didn’t still realizing that we were crossing some empty jails with some chains  scattered on their inside and some part of skeletons attached.
Dazz have been the first who have noticed some of them, and at each minimum noise, he jolting. 
There were many noises that were mixing one another. Mechanical noises, but we had not seen nothing that it could be attribuited to them. 

It seemed that the other nimble creatures were working on new chains, and that noise of scrap metal were surrounding everywhere, and it was a noise very disturbing. 
It was entering in our ears, and the more we have came closer toward a part of that sort of of jail, that noise have becoming very annoy.
But when the nimble creature have made us came closer to one of those prison, all of sudden all the noise have stopped, but we had recognized the verse of those creatures put all together, and they were laughing aloud for the end we were about to make.

Our jailer, had ordered us to remain where we were, while he was going to open the prison.
We had obbey, and in that short instant, i have showed you the pendant once again, and even Dazz have looked at it, and right after have looked at those glances that we had shared each other.
We had not make nothing beckon, but we knew that we had still another chance.
Only when i have realized that the nimble creature was about to turn himself, i have closed the fist, and i held back the breathe, almost for don’t make him  feel my presence, and only when he have thrown us inside that big prison, i have could start breathe again, but i didn’t have turned myself immediately, i have remained with the shoulders toward the iron gates astonished. 

You with Dazz have remained a bit looking at around that ambient outside, and there were many prisons, but fortunately they were empty. So you have turned around toward me, who was still looking at in front of me something undefinied that have upset me, and i didn’t knew what was.
I was not able to see the end of that prison, but i had the impression that we were not alone.
Someone was staring at us. 

When you have came closer to me, my glance have remained stare toward the end of that prison. You have softly asked: “What’s up?”
I have shared a quick glance with you, then i have got back to see there, and sweetly i have tightened your hand. 
We were not alone. I have could hear some different breathes that came from the bottom of that dark part, and when we have heard a noise of dragged chain on the ground, our hearts have stopped, and a battered creature have showed us half his face, and when from his mouth have came out our names, almost we hadn’t recognized her. 
I have run toward her, i have bented, and i have aid  her to leaned her big body on the wall. 
And only when i have recognized her wonderful green eyes, i have whispered her name, pulling out the pendant, and only at end, from the amethyst have spreaed the minimum of light to see also the others.

There were everybody, more or less alive, but the most battered it was my Michelle, who was continuing say my name, touching my face, as if she didn’t believed it.”


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