Only in these

I’m realizing that our connection is strongly bonded to the double number. 
Also today when i realized of that double number,  my soft punch in the stomach has grown very quickly, and now i feeling your closeness turning around me.
And small eletrick shock are crossing my minds.

It can’t be a coincidence. It have to be something real, and in these seconds i can feel your closeness stronger than the other days. 
I have difficulty to swallow, because i feel you arms around my belly, and youir words are sorrounding me. 
Inside me there is a storm of emotions, and i know you are feeling them too. 
I can feel our souls are about to merging one in another, and our slow dance is about to begin. 
It will taking us in Our Parallel World, where despite our distance we can sweetly touch ourselves.

There we can hear our hearts beat unison, and throw away all the air from the lungs, when our glance will meet. 
We will have come closer each other, and when our foreheads will touch, you will can caress my face, while i will can slide my hand inside your shirt, and i will feel your heart, but only when our glance will meet, everything will be Our Parallel World with all our magic.


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