I had to play good that chance that i had created in few seconds, and you was looking at me very careful at each steps i was doing toward him.,
Without haven’t planned nothing before, you knew what were my intentions, and you was waiting that move that i would have done once in front of him.

Even the nimble creature, who have remained in salon, have remained fascinated by me and my slow approach to his leader.
Naturally also Dazz would have done his part, and only staring you, he have understand that he would have done the same  with that fake butler

By now Raikin was totally taken by what he was looking at that what was happening around him was irrilevant,  but some  warning have came from his wolf that was got up and was roaring against me always stronger, and when he have seen that i have came closer to his owner, he have placed himself like a shield.
His glance was saying: “You have to pass on my body, before to touch him, you try, and will see what i’m able to do!”
I have stopped a bit distant from him, with the pendant in hand, but well anchored to my wrist.

Just before to enlongate my hand to Raikin, i have looked at down, and despite it was bad lit, i have could see your shadow with the knife in your hand reflected on the ground.
You had understand what you would have to do in those next seconds.
Seen that everybody were settled to attack, very slow i have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and i have got back to stare Raikin who have got up on his feet, and below the top hat, was looking at me. 
I have came always closer, till i have could hear his breath on my skin.
It was so cold that have frezeed me the blood. 
It seemed to being in front of a vampire in wait for his bite, but in reality, was me who was about to launch an attack against a Raikin totally caught by that jewel.

His look didn’t wanted stick off from what i had in hand, and when i asked him to look at me straight into my eyes, he have done it very slow, and in those seconds that seemed lasting minutes, you have been capable to run like a lightening, and placing yourself behind him, and only when the Raikin’ glance have reprise look at me, i have beckon imperceptibly to you, and without trembling, you have put your knife on his throat. 
“You thought that i would have make it show so easily. I would have been a real foolish. Tell us where are our friends”, and while i was said that, i have looked at you making you understand that you had to sink down more the knife inside that skin so pale. 

When you have been capable to run behind him, you had taken also the hands, and you had immobilized him, making him fall the cane. Cane that immediately i have took and with that, i was keeping far both his wolf and the nimble creature, who was kept it undercontrol even by Dazz, with the very first thing he had found. A long branch.
Both, knew that, if they had done something wrong, you would have wounded him, even in serious way. 
So, they have looked at each thing i was doing without doing nothing. The brown wolf was wildly roaring, but it was the only thing that he have could do, and he was looking at Raikin , almost asking to being forgive.

In his own way, the nimble creature was trying to rebel himself, but the more he was trying to, the more everything was useless, and only when the Raikin glance have moved itself from mine toward his, he have said: “They have played very well their cards.” But when he have back to look at me those eyes have become slots once again, and i have could feel my blood freeze itself, and in a thousandth of a second, i have looked at you and in that instant the situation have reversed in Raikin’s favor.
Looking at me, you have seen all my determination vanish, and you have left the Raikin hands’ hold, and one second later, Raikin was looking at us, surprised for how foolish we were been.

I had made fallen on the floor his cane, and when the nimble creature have came taken us, Raikin have collected it, and he went to his brown wolf carressing him. 
Then he got back to look at me, and with a fright tone of voice he said: “You want see your friends?” and with a derogatory gesture, he have made us left the salon with the nimble creature.
Dazz was incredulous of what he have been capable to do in few instants, and now it was him who was rebeling himself, while he was looking at us with wide eyes open.

I was still holding well tight the amethyst pendant, and only when we had left the room, we have could hear the Raikin breathe, that one that we always had remembered from the previous time: Scaring and sharp .”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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