You want me

Say that our connection is real, and even you was thinking about me, when i seen that double number?
My heart is beating strong, and i’m throwing away all the air from the lungs. 
Are you wearing the Larimar, as me i bring it everywhere i go. 
Your closeness has exploed when i seen that double number. 

Now i feel your arms around my belly, and my fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and our sooft punch in the stomach have grown all of sudden, and now  i feel our connection all around. 

Our Parallel World is quickly lifting around us. 
Mannaz is in front of me and it says me about the awareness around, outside and inside you, and it is going me crazy.
You have received my parcel, and little by little, you are realizing that something real magic, is accomplishing, and now those soft eletric shock are crossing your mind, and you are realizing all that. 

And maybe, i have been not crazy to sent you those things. You are comprehending that Our Parallel World, isn’t a crazy thing, but something that it have came from our deep, and the universe have wanted united us in all these wonderful sensations that we are feeling. And these double numbers are the tangible proof of everything this that is surounding us, and it’s real.


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