In that glance there was a sort of revenge, and the more he was looking at that pendant between my finger, the more the pendant was spreaded his purple lighjt around us, as a protective sheild, and without realizing, youu was tightening your knife among your hand. Your fingers were becoming always white for how much you tightening it strong. You have would wanted  launch an attack toward him, and this time seeing him  just under your eyes, and maybe see the blood come out from his heart, if he had one.

But you have resisted for the good of everybody jailed.
Our hearts were beating strong, and now our glances didn’t stick off from his bloody eyes. 
He have reprise his pose with the hands crossed on the cane, and his glance was slowly goes down, but trough his top hat, he was controlled us. 

The only one impatient was Dazz, who was looking that share of glance, eager to do something, but he knew very well that it was also a fight of wait. 
Slowly i have uncovered the amethyst pendant, and his light have illuminated the whole small salon, and thanks his light, we have could see what it have surrounded us.

Behind the leather armchair where was Raikin, there was small place where a piano taken the entire space, and behind the instrument a window where we have could see that the darkness, already, had taken place high in the sky.
We have looked at each quickly, and Raikin have translate our thought in words, and when he have said: “I think you have to pass the night here”, a shiver have crossed our back.
Dazz  heard that sentences, was about to get up on his feet, but with an impercetible beckon, you have stopped him, and his glance after a couple a seconds got calm itself.

“I see that it have always that powerful light. Do you have charged it recently?” 
Raikin have asked it directly to me. I didn’t know if i had to reply him. I remained in silence, but delicately  i was tightening the pendant as a real weapon.
Little by little, in our minds have developed itself the reason of why our enemy had jailed most part of our friends.
Staring the oblique glance of our host, he was remained fascinated by the pendant, and above all by his light. 
And i have could perceived his desire to touch it, even for a last time.

I didn’t ever speak directly with him, but it was time to do it.
I got up from your knees, and right after you have asked: “What do you do?”
I have not replied you. I knew that in each evenience you would been ready to defend me.
But Raikin seemed not react, when i have place myself in the middle of that red and black carpet.
In that pose, in which we had learn to see him, he have appeared, even harmless.
I would have could feel mercy for him, but immediately all my mercy have vanished, when i seen that malignant glance in his eyes.
Closer i have could see, even something that have scared more, but i didn’t move myself, even if i would wanted do. 
In his pupils i have seen some veins, and this was making his gaze still more scaring.
“I know, you want see it closer. You want comprehend why a tyny jewel is so powerful.”
While i was saying those sentences, his glance was becoming thiner, and the more his eyes were becoming small slots, the more i was comprehending that i was reaching the target.
A couple of time, you have sighed my name, and Dazz was looking at you questioning what i was doing. 
Slowly, you was understanding what were my plans, and so you have tightened better the knife.

Despite i had fear that Raikin could catched me, i have came closer to him, and when i have been on the same line of the brown wolf, the animal have began to roar stronger. I have stared the animal with the remember of that big wound that the other one had provok me.

That plan, that i had planned in few seconds, was going how it had to go.
Raikin was starting to get in confusion. Me, i was giving him the possibility to see the pendant from close.  
Him who had undercontrol everything, all of a sudden, was about to find himself  on the precipice, and you had understand what do only few minutes earlier.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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