“Please enter” said a voice inside the small salon. 
I have looked at you with wide eyes open, while you have tightened my hand stronger. You would have say something assuring, but like me before, you have not been able to pronnounce nothing, while Dazz was confusiest than ever. He could have hear everything, even our heavy breathes that were increasing each steps we were doing.

“Please come in and settle” have repeated Raikin, with a nimble creature standing next to him, waiting for his orders.
He was on a large leather arms chair with ears next to the fireplace.
His new wolf was at his feet and he was studying us, softly roaring.
We have came closer always more, and when you have stopped yourself at safe distance, i have sighed your name, and you have tightened my hips, as if you wanted procted me. 

In the other hand, you was hiding you knife that you had carried for any evenience. 
We had no seen Raikin so close. He was so calm, and in his calmeness there something that terrorize us.
He was black dressed, and he was wearing his top hat, and he had his hands gloved crossed on his cane infront of him.
The flames of the fireplace were playing a fright but at the same time a fascinating lights’ game on that thin figure, that seemed a statue as much he was firm, but we could hear his breathe, and his glance didn’t have moved, not even to look at us. 
It seemed he was looking at a undefinied point straight on that red and black carpet.

He was aware that he had all our eyes set on him, but he have remained in that pose, even when he have invited us to  sit in that chair where we have stopped ourselves behind.
The nimble creature have made us nod to obbey at his orders, showing us that armchair, like a good butler, but surely it was only a staging. He have would wanted would get hurt us.

At that point, you have thrown me a glance, and with a soft beckon, you went next to that armchair, and finally Raikin, have left one of his gloved hands from the cane, and then he said with a soft tone of voice: “Please sit”.
You have sat, and then you have taken my hand, and delicately you have taken me, and i have sat on your knees.
Dazz have sat on an ancient small couch in front of the fireplace. 

We didn’t have immediately spoken.
Each of us were studying the glances of who had next.
The gaze of Dazz was dancing among your and mine, asking in silence: “And now, what fuck we do?”
But he knew that we everybody, had to wait for Raikin speaking. 

Raikin had thrown a couple a little bunch of branches inside the fireplace, and they have taken fire immediately. 
When the flame have reprise, the glance of Raikin was straight on that flame, very slow it have moved on us, and only few seconds later, he have said: “I see that your leg have healed” and our glances have met for a short second.
But in that short moment i have felt pain where his white wolf had bite me, and i held back the breathe for a second, and he have looked at that little grimace that was printed on my face, proud of what he have been capable provok.

“Hey little are you ok?” you have asked me, tightening me to you. “Ok, the games are over, tell us where did you have hid our friends, because we know that have been you!”
You seemed upset, but in deep, we everybody, Raikin included, knew that you had fear that he could hurts me once again, and so, very slow you have pulled out the knife, and you have  put it on the free leg, without say nothing.
The brown wolf have began roar stronger, but Raikin have tranquilizing him, saying: “Don’t worry, he will not use it”, but those reddish eyes of that animal didn’t have stick off from you.

And only in those instants, when we were putting our cards on table, the glance of Raikin have revealed itself.
His eyes were reflecting the reddish of the flames, and he didn’t ever blinked them. 
He have petrefied us, but only when his glance have placed on my chest, a sort of  malignant smile have printed on his calm face, and this have made me undertand that he was staring the amethyst pendant, and so immediately, i have covered it with my hand, but some beams have crossed my palm, and they have softly illuminated his face. 
We have hold back the breathe, while you have tightening me more to you.”


Listen to it 🔉⤵




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