I just can’t

Want believe. Another double number have surrounded me, as soon i have started to write you, and now i can feel your closeness clore than before. My head have began turn like it was in a twirl, and my heart is beating like a crazy.
And everything is turning around and inside Our Parallel World.

I can’t belive that is happening for real. A magical connectio that is lasting from seven years, and now something it is says me that it is linking us always more.
If i close the eyes i can feel you around me. I feel your hanmds are caressing my hips. 
You turning me, and you are making lift myself. 
You are taking between your arms, and our foreheads are touching, whiule you are whispering me maybe the sweetest words that have ever heard in my life.

My breath stops. You place my hand on your chest, you make me slide it through your shirt. 
I can feel your heart beat very slow, and when our glances met, it’s like if you have give me new oxygen, and i can breathe again. 

I feel your hands on my hips, and when you reach my hipchain, you sigh my name, looking at straight into my eyes. 
Then you look at me, and delicately you approach always more to me, and when our lips are touch themselves, we are become one only soul, taking the flight for Our Parallel World, while your theme accompany us in that world always more ours.


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