When we stopped in front of the gate of that house, we have remained breathless, and we have shared a glance with Dazz, who was questioning us what do.
The atmosphere was still relatively calm, despite some nimble creatures were around, but they seemed that they hadn’t noticed our presence.
We have came closer to the gate, and we had look inside. 

It was an unihabited house, as it was saying  us the map, and from the description, it was the oldest house of the city, maybe the first house from which have born it.
The description continued saying, that most likely after an unknown death, the ghost of the owner didn’t have ever leave the house, and so it was also haunted.
Read those happy news, you have put away the map inside the bag, and you have shared a glance encouraging me and Dazz to open the gate. 

Gate that was only ajar. You have looked me and Dazz, and then you have came closer to it, and in that glance you have thrown toward me and Dazz, you have said: “Ready to all.” 
We have nodded, and while that rusty gate have came open, a noise of iron mixed with chains, have resounded around us.
We had remembered that noise, and in our glances were painted a gaze of fear, and despite Dazz could not hear, he have could hear those vibrations through the ground, and even him, now was feeling each new vibration, as a very danger. 

Entered in that scruffy garden, we have looked at us around. There were brambles everywhere.
We were walking really slow.  In front of us the house in which, it seemed there were nobody inside, but we knew  there was Raikin, who was was waiting for to make his entrance at his own way. All of a sudden and scaring.
We had crossed half garden, and our steps were trampled every leafs on the path that it was leading toward the patio in front of the entrance. 
Reached those few stair that we had do, we have stopped for a while, and we have looked at us interdicted, but that moment it have been break it when a light inside the house have turned on.

My heart have stopped for a long instants that seemed had no end. 
Our eyes have met, and in those few seconds i have tried to say your name, but it haven’t nothing came out from my mouth. I have tried a second time but i failed once again. 
You have stared at me, and in a sigh, you have said: “I’m close to you”.
It seemed that he was waiting for us. The more we have came closer the door,  the more my desire to get backward was unavoidable, but when that door have opened itself, we have been dragged inside, and the door, immediately after have closed itself behind us, making a big din. We everybody have jolted, hearing  a big thunder right after.

There was nobody who have gave us a sort of welcome, but certain who wanted it?
We remained a couple of minutes standing there. 
We could no longer escape. We were in side the wolf lair, and this time have been the wolf himself to invite us. 
Stay there, inside that house was more scary than we could imagine.

We could hear all those noise that we were remembering  from the previous time, and in adding we could hear other scaring noises that were caraterizing that haunted house. Creaking doors, ghost presence with his howls.
We were still in that anteroom, when from another one, we have heard a male voice who was inviting us to enter, and settle. 
It was Raikin. I have loked at you with wide eyes open, and this time i have been able to sigh your name, and in that tone of voice, you have could hear my total fear.
Even you was overwhelmed. Dazz was looking at the entire scene dazed too, because from when he entered in that house, he could hear clearly everything, and hearing that voice, he have immediately ran between us, and on his eyes we could not see the wonder of what he was listening to, but on the contrary the confusion that was  in his head. And that voice he had heard wasn’t one of the most tranquilzing, on the contrary.

We have throw away all the air from the lungs, and despite we didn’t wanted  make none moves toward that voice, we have been us to go to that house, and retire us wasn’t a right thing.
Another invite have been issued, and this time it have been that one that have encouraged us to enter in that dark room, where an only fire was illumunating the entire ambient.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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