When overwhelmed, we have looked at Dazz, we had think about the amethyst pendant had accomplished his magic when we were sleeping, but Dazz was certain of that, and when he got up from your chair, he have started to wander in that little room sniffing the air, continuing asking us: “Do you feel it?”, and we have followed him steps by steps, when he have stopped himself in front of my desk for a while he have looked it and when his glance have stopped itself on those maps, he have lifted his gaze and he have indicated them.

He have demanded us to came closer. We knew that, we have would seen something incredible. 
Those sensations that everybody were feeling, were linked to that water and to the pendant. 
Dazz was already seeing something on those maps really relevant about the Raikin’s hide place, and only when we have came closer to my desk, he have turned on the Churchill lamp, and when we have looked at it, another bunch of sparkle of purple light have spreaded itself on one precise point of that map.

We didn’t wanted believe on what we had as soon seen, but when our glances have placed on Dazz, he have looked at us one by one, and he have indicated the glass that i had placed on the desk, and with his language: “Wow! It’s really astonishment”, and you, with a still more incredulous tone of voice, have translated it for me.
We have looked at the map still for a couple of minutes, and then you have throw away the air from the lungs, and then you have said: “We have to get prepare ourselves and go there, before the sun goes down.”
And saying that, you went to check outside the window.

The city seemed more desolated than day earlier. The only things that were walking with slowness were a couple of leafs that were chasing each other helped with a soft twirl of wind, but in the rest of the city, there was not even a fly, and the absence of small noise was emptying your mind, and immediately you have turned yourself, and you have shared a quick glance, and quickly you have repeated: “We have to go out, right now!”   

During the night, when everybody were sleeping, it have happened, what everybody have expected to see in few seconds after that i had immersed the pendant in that water.

The pendant was been inactive, without being immersed in the water from long time, and before waken itself, it have had reprise the contact with our vibrations, and only after, it have accomplished its magic once again.
Only after have carry everything we had need, and after i have wear the pendant, we have left the our office, throwing away all the air from the lungs.
Came out from the building we everybody have stopped ourselves for a couple of seconds, and we have looked at the exact point in which we had seen Raikin for the last time hours earlier. 

Even if there was him no longer, we have remained freezed and a shiver have crossed us. Our petrified glances have met, and with a soft nod you have said: “Let’s go!” And so we have started to walk with speedy feet.
We knew perfectly that Raikin have could manipulate the time as he wanted, and we knew that till we were surrounded by that metallic silence, in someway, we have could move ourselves freely, but however, we had to move ourselves with caution, and our steps in that empty city, have could seemed boulders, and they have would could  Raikin wake. 

To appear one only was walking person, you have stopped and you have made us understand that we had to walking unison, and in few seconds we  have took your walkig rythm, and sowe have started to walk with less thoughts in mind, even if there was always  Raikin who have could pop up at any moment.

When our walk  have stopped itself in front to one of the creepiest building a bit outside the city, we have give a glimpse to the map, and that sparkle of purple light have softly illuminated the exact point where we were in that moment. We have looked at us and without none sign language for Dazz, we everybody, had understand that the amethyst pendant had conducted us just in front of the Raikin hiding place.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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