We could feel those eyes on us, and it was so scaring, and Dazz could see our dread through our slow movements. But we have realizing ourselves that sensation was leaving and little by little, that glacial silence was about to fill again that isolate city, and that in shorty Raikin have would left that control position and little by little we have could breathe once again normally

In meanwhile our hearts were about to explode literally at unison with the rain that seemed ever stop itself to fall.
Dazz knew that it was better wait for also an our sign to move, and till we had our hands tight one in another, he didn’t have move himself.

We have remembered that the fight with Raikin was even a psychological fight, and our battle was beginning in those hours.
The nimble creatures with their annoy noise, were playing a dirty game, and some of them have came closer to the window and finally we have could see them. They were like how we have remember them, and we didn’t liked that show. Dazz was impressed  by their look. He have tried to make them escape, but it have been useless, and we have stopped him, making him came closer to us.

What we had to carry away, was already in our bags, and you were taking me and Dazz toward the exit, ready to run away toward our apartment. You have said it to Dazz with his sign language and sighing it to me in one ear.
We both knew that the wait would not be long.  In fact after a couple of lightening followed by  a couple of thunders, that chocking atmosphere has gone, and that standing silhouette have vanished.

To cross that street, we hads to run faster than we could. You had asked Dazz to check the door, and give a quick glimpse outside. If it was how we had figured, there was nobody . We have waited for that Dazz had opened the door, and after a thousandth of a second, he have give us the way, and he hav wanted wait for that we were outside first to run. 
For being ready to rush, you had taken me among you arms, and you have ran like a lightening. 
I gave the key to Dazz, and in street he have exceeded us, so your ran would be not stopped itself.  
And when we everybody entered inside the building, Dazz have locked the gate, and you have could take breathe putting me on the ground, but after just reprise the oxigen, you have wanted check the street through the main gate, and it seemed there were nobody. It seeemed that in city have reigned the absolute calm. 
Before to enter, me and Dazz have wanted see your face, and you got back to us nodding.

Entered in our office, we have made Dazz sit in the only couch of the apartment, while immediately i have taken the amethyst pendant and i wear it, and you went to the window behind your desk, and before to close the shutter, you have checked once again outside. It was as two minute earlier. All calm, but that calm wasn’t tranquilizing at all.
As i have could i have asked Dazz if he wanted something to drink and he gently ask only a glass of water. You was still at the window, but when i have called you, you have smiled and slowly you have came to us.
While i have offering the glass of water to Dazz, Dazz himself, have asked  more informations about that amethyst pendant, and you have started to explain, and without go deeper, Dazz at half speech, had understand the whole matter, and why we had to return in our aparment, and gently he asked me to make him show it.

Delicately i have gave it to him and him have began to stared it with interest.
I had left it on my desk to remember how much hard the life can be sometime, but till now i had not put it inside a glass of water to cleanse it, how the three witches had always done, and seeing it once again in our hands, i wanted try again. 
I got up and in silence i went in the kitchenette and i have took a glass. I have filled it of water and i got back. 
Dazz have looked at me curious, while you had stared me with wide eyes open, as if only in those seconds you had remember of the water of amethyst.

Gently i have took the pendant, and i have immersed it in the water.
I don’t know what we had expected, but we everybody have stared it slowly fallen in the bottom of the glass, and we have waited for something happened, but nothing have happened. 
We everybody have throw away the air from the lungs, and we have loked at each other, but after a long instant, you have proposed to rest and try to sleep.

Now we were where we have could feel ourselves safer, and in case of need we had even some weapons that we had taken from the police department, and for sure Raikin would have made his next appereance in the hours later.
Feeling ourselves a bit relief, you have taken a blanket more for Dazz, who have understand to go to sit in you big chair, leaving us the couch.
Without saying anything we had wish each other a good night, as much as we could sleep.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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