We everybody have remained petrified by that deaf noise, and even our friend have been able to hear.
We have looked at each other, knowing that we had to do something. Maybe stay in that room, wasn’t a good thing.
It was a room with few escape way, and even if we were in the safest place of the town, with Raikin around, none place was secure.

With slowness we have moved ourselves in the open office, and we have did it in silence, even if each steps we were doing it seemed really heavy.
You have made sign to turn off all the lights, but when he have turned off it, he had forgot the safety light that have turned on a couple seconds later.
I have jolted as soon it have been illuminated the whole local with the red pale lights, and for a bit those lights have annoyed us, but it have lasted only the time that our eyes got used to the new atmosphere.
A bloody atmosphere, it have came us to think, while the rain have started to fall really hard.

We have shared a glance, in which our fears more deeper could came out, and i was thinking to that pendant that i had left in our office on my desk, and while i was thinking of it, you had your eyes set on me, and you knew what i was thinking, and eventually you have came closer to me and in a sigh you have said: “Don’t worry, we will find a way”.
Now the creature was curious about what you had as soon said, he knew that it was something for defeat who was outside. Before continue we have remained overwhelmed about his smartness, and cutting short we had asked what was his name, because it was time to call him with his real name, and when he said we haven’t remained surprised.

His name was Dazz, and it have reflecting his astonishing smartness, and in shorty we have told him what that amethyst pendant had done. But instead to carry it everywhere inside my bag, i had placed it on my desk.
But now it was more important to know where Raikin had decided to stay, and to able to go there and see what we have would could see, and above all understand where have ended the inhabitants of that city. 
Only when we have heard that annoy noise of those nimble creatures, we have understand that Raikin had reformed his little army, and that roar of his wolf was totally different of that one that we had killed in front of the shed of the three witches.

Our thoughts were focused on what we were listening to, while Dazz was taking other maps inside another locker, placed along a wall of that big office, and when he have placed them on an emptied desk, he have came closer to us, and he have made us see the new maps, that we have would could begin to study.
Dazz knew, that in those instants our minds were very far from that police deparment, and in your glance he could  only guess that  we were reliving all that bad adventure. But he had to shake ourselves, and with a punch on the desk, he have been able to wake  us from that state in which, we have would could do nothing.

We both have jolted, and immediately, you have sighed: “You have right, Dazz, excuse us”.
Dazz had understand the moment, and with a shy smile, he had looked at us, but then right after, he had indicated us a couple of uninhabited houses, where our enemy have would could occupied without problems.  
Dazz had show us even the shortest way to reach it, but as the first time, to come out, we had to being sure that there was no Raikin outside, and that strange silence would wrapped once again the city, and Dazz could figure that creature was still outside only looking at our scared  glances, but right after he have remember about that screen, and he have show it us, but we have prefered to don’t turn on it.

We knew, how he would be moved, and from outside the window of the that building, we could see him walking very slow sourrounded by the fog and that soft red light. 
We could see his silhouette firm in front of the police deparment, next his new wolf, and his glance was covered by his top hat, but we knew very well that his eyes were set on us despite we were inside that building.
But only when we have heardt his breathe enveloping all that part of city, we have understand that he have would left it in shorty, and it was so. 
Only when that silence have wrapped our senses, we have looked at each other, and we have gave a glimpse to Dazz, who was looking at that scene comprehending that Raikin was really powerful, and that maybe we have would have to study a plan to take that amethyst pendant.”



Listen to it🔉⤵



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