I starting to write

And that double number have appeared for magic.
It’s from when i woke and i have check that track number that my heart is beating so strong. 
Part of my soul, part of my life is now in your hands, and my head is exploding. 

I have felt that small eletric shock cross my mind, and i know that was you, who was looking inside that blue box, inside the other smaller boxes and you have looked with much curiosity what i have sent you. 

It seemed a dream in these previous days that i have waited for that written, and now that i have appeared, i feel emptied, but now i know that is  where it have to be, i throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Delicately i feel your closeness. Softly i feel your arms around my belly, and i can see you read my letter, while see what i have wanted give you. 

We smile at unison, and despite we are so distant those small things that before were mine, and now are in your hands, are linking us a bit more.
They are part of Our Parallel World. 
Now what are you think about me? You will say me something… you will let me understand if those things have been appreciated?  Maybe one day, or maybe ever. It don’t care. Maybe you will have canalisize everything with all calm. I don’t have rush.

Look at everything, read what i have wrote… think deeply to everything i have wanted you give. 
Think that some of those magical things i have them too, and i never separate from them, and now that magic is surounding you.
It’s Our magic.

I’m thinking you much in these hours.


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