From the few notions that we had learnt in those yars of investigations, we knew the each police department had a sort of a room where have came recorded everything, even when there were nobody in the office.
And you have explained to the deaf collaborator of Jim that we had to go there, and listen what have happened

He have looked at you with wide eyes open, and for as much he was excited for what he was trying to say you, you have don’t have understand nothing. 

But after only few seconds later, we both we had comprehend why during the big din he was in another room.
Just few minutes before that everything would been unleash, every computers and each machine in that office was going crazy. Nothing was going how it had to go. Pc monitors were turning on and turning off, the main police radio was trasmiting some strange sounds, that how the deaf creature was describing they seemed the nimble creatures, and Jim had asked him to go to see if he could adjust the issues.

Ended to speak to let me understand better what have happened, you have asked him if it was the first time that it happened. He have looked us and with a negative nod, he continued. 
“Our machinery are old, but they accomplishing very well their jobs, but there are sometimes that they have need of some help, and i’m the only one who understand something more. Sometimes i have to changed some parts of some machinery, and i have to go to the next city to buy the new part. But when i have went in the room, every machinery was working well. I didn’t have uderstand was happening. I have remained there inside to check each system. I have could not hear nothing from this room. But Jim had installed a visible alarm for me to warn me when it would been adjusted. The classic red and green light. And this time the green light isn’t ever turn on. I was remained inside, doing i have could do, and when i got back, there were no nobody.”

The story of that reddish creature made us breathless, but at end i have asked him about the that recorder.
He have nodded, and he made us the sign to follow him.
Walking through the empty desks and the sheet of papers on the ground have impressed us, but it wasn’t time to get caught us by that desolation around us, on the contrary we were the only refer point for that small creature, who have accompanied us inside another room of the office, and from what we have could intend was the Jim’ room.
He let you sit on the Jim’ chair in front of a big heavy wooden desk and he have indicated me one of the two chairs in front of the desk, while he went behind you and with a jump he went up on a locker and from it, he have taken that recorder.

You have helped him, taking it and when he came next to me, he came up on the desk and he have turned it on.
And when we have listened to that sound that we had recognized very well in the nimble creatures’ sound, our glances have became more visibly worried, and with few gestures the collaborator of Jim, have asked if we already knew who was had do that, and without that you translate what i was about to say, he have looked at me deeply and slowly i have started to tell him everything.

It seemed that he could read from my lips all my dread that we had passed in that shed, and when few hours ago we have felt again that sensation hearing that kind of silence, we have seen in his eyes an increasing dread.
But now everything was expanded itself, not only to us, but at every inhabitants of that city, and in someway we were feeling ourselves responsible.

When the recording have started we have looked at each other and we have recognized the cane’s noise that was accompanying his walk, and when thew big din have began we have heard his wolf attacking some of the inhabitants. Severals screams have filled the room, then nothing more.
That creature who was with us had turned off the recorder at the right moment, and he was looking at us with an only question printed in his reddish face, and we were looking at him, looking for to reply him with all the sincerity that we have could give him. But in that moment all what we have could do was share our interdict glances, but we had to do something concrete, and we were in the right  place to take a glimpse to some detailed maps of the city, and see where Raikin had decided to stay.

Only when you had placed one of the map on the big desk, it have started to rain, and some lightening have crossed the sky, already dark. Without realizing we had passed all day inside the police department, and outside a thin fog had surrounded the city.
And only when all of a sudden that strange silence have stopped itself to whistle in our ears, from far, we have heard the rhytmical sound of the cane of Raikin that was marking his steps in street.
All of a sudden our heart have stopped beat, and our glances have met. 
Immediately the reddish creature have intuited, and there have been a quick share of glances.
Those steps were more scaring than we could remember.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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