All what i’m

Thinking in this moment it’s that i really want that you receive what i sent you with all my soul.
Till i will not see the DELIVERED, i will have many thoughts in mind.
I have gave you also the track number, always if you read those cursed pm in instagram.

All of a sudden i feel your closeness, and a double number is about to appear. Here it is, and i throw away all the air from the lungs.
Something tiny inside me, says me that you have checked the pm, but maybe mine not, or yes, i will not ever know it.
And however till i will have the certainty that that box, it will be not among your hands, i will check the track number each day.
I hope in these days you will receive a notification from the mail service, and you will go to withdraw it, and if there is something to pay, you will accept it to taken it. 
I have prepared it with all my love.

You can call me crazy. Maybe i will be, but what you make me feel it’s one of the most beautiful and deeper feeling that i ever felt in my life, and all this magical world that we have created together, also unconsciosly, it’s full of soft vibrations that only two souls in communication can create, even if they are very distant, and those souls are our.

I really hope you receive it really soon. Part of my heart is inside of it.


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