When we have sighed that name, i felt myself lost, and you have immediately kept me among your arms, and you have accompanied me to sit in a bench few meters next the striptease club.
We have looked at ourselves around, while that silence was always more devastating, but if we had try to speak, it would be more annoying.

You have looked at me remembering those days and night in that shed of the three witches, and unconsciously, your glance went stare my leg, and without realizing i have touched it delicately, as if i have could feel pain, provoked by the bite of his wolf. 
Our glances have looking themselves around in search of that black dressed shadow, and in each noise we have trying to indetify that cane that accompanied his steps in the fog, but in those instants there only that silence that seemed wanted swallow the other small sounds that had caracterized that city till that moment, and the only other things that covered that mute sound, were our thoughts.

Without realizing you was reliving those days, and i could see your worry in your eyes, each time your glance have stopped on me. You have looked at many times my leg. You knew it was healed thamks the witches potion, but only the idea that that Raikin was comeback, have terrified you much.
You have throw away the air from the lungs, and looking at me you have throw a glance toward that building in front of us, and i have beckon.
Going only to the police department we have would could find some news of that “new creature” named Raikin. 

We got up, and with all delicateness you have helped me to stand up. 
It seemed that for some sort of Raikin enchantment, you had fear that my leg could bleeding again.
I knew that Raikin was very powerful, and nothing and nobody, without an adeguate magical preparation, have could manipulate his influence, and when you have faced him up to for the very first time, it have been very hard.

For the amethyst pendant, we have should go back in the office, but for sure we hadn’t time. We weren’t have came out for a romantic walk, and what we have found outside, it have left us breathless. 
We had left that dimension conviced that we had defeated him. 
But that same atmosphere that we had left it have presented itself just few hours  after our woke, and  we had recognized very well. 

You have taken my hand, staring to me in each step i was doing., and i was looking for assuring you that i was fine.
I was lying. My leg was fine, didn’t hurt me, but inside me there was a storm of emotions that were fighting themselves, and that sounds of  the nimble creatures have resounding in my ears, and inside me, my heart was beating really hard.

When we have entered in the police department, almost it have relief us. That echo of that silence seemed came from far, and for an instant we have sat on the first bench that we had found. 
Even there inside there were sheet of papers scattered everywhere and a radio police out of synch that covered in part that no- noise that, by now, had covered even the few birds outside.
We were looking at us around, when an unusual noise have catched our attention, and it came from inside that big room. 
Maybe there was another creature who had preferred stay, in case of need. 

We have stared at each other, and with a slow beckon, you have started to indentify yourself.
“I’m Luke, i’m with Daria. We have came out and we have find all this! What have happened? Come on, come outside…”

We have could see  a small reddish shadow running between the desks of that big office, but we haweren’t able to define it, that eventually don’t find a hid place, he have stopped in the middle of the office and with wide eyes open have started to looked at us.
It seemed he didn’t have recognized us. He was scared more than us, and maybe he was for real.
He was looking at us, one at time, and only after a bit, after you have started to speak with his language of signs, he have came closer to us, and in those scared eyes, it have printed a sweet smile, and he have wanted to being taken in arm, and we let him  touched our faces, for have the certainty that we were us.

He was the deaf collaborator of Jim, and he was so confused and scared. He have explained us that he was remained alone, because his deafness, he didn’t have heard the big din, while he was in the printroom, only when he got back he didn’t have found nobody, but from a window he had seen everything, and he have hid himself under that table, all time. 

I was looking at him, speaking, but he was looking at you who was translating my sentences.
It was useless ask about Jim, but now stay in that police department, it was the better thing to do.
At least that silence seemed far from us.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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