I don’t know

If i going crazy or it’s only whatis happening in these hours, but i feel your closeness  making itself always stronger, and it’s always beautiful  feel it that is exploding like this, in the sweetest way possible. 
I feel your arms touching my belly from behind, and even if i see you so blurry in this pic, i can perceive something sweet, and in that tiny sparkle of light in your eye i can see Our Parallel World.

In these hours the soft punch in the stomach is present almost all day, and those soft small electrick shocks are crossing my minds and in someways i know you are perceive them too, are uniting us always more, and it’s wonderful how they make us feel.
Each time i feel your closeness, your arms, i would want turn myself and dive myself into your blue eyes, but i know that is impossible, but something says that everytime our electric shocks cross our minds, our souls are in communication, and everything is wonderful.

There are moments in which all this vanish, but right after appears again, and Our Parallel World is enclose us inside, and everything around us become untangible, and in our heads arrive that sensantion in which we have to throw away all the air from the lungs, but then it starts again, and our hearts beats unison, and in that soft cloud everything become so real to become unreal.

My heart beats unregularly when i dive myself in those blue small oceans, but everything become that world in which i would stay with you, so embraced by you, hearing your soft voice.



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