Of your friends asked me why i have felt embarassed when i asked them to don’t salute you. 
It’s so tangled. By one side i would like that they speak to you about me, like a normal girl who have make friendship with them without ever ask about you, and to the other side, i would not want appear that girl who want knows more about you throught this friendship.

I would like come out from the chorus, and appear someone normal, who with time could be someone really special, and someone who you would approach with the simpliest way, without problems. 
And with this approach, you could  learn to know who really i am, and really slow you could perceive really that magic that have surrounded us from long time, and ask me if even me, i feel these emotions that are wrapping you.

Thing that i’m feeling in these instants making itself stronger.
Our soft punch in the stomach is wrapping us delicately, and soft electric shocks are crossing our minds.
I can feel your closeness, and your arms around me, and my heart i beating hard. 

They days and hours unusual  for our connection, but it’s like got back in time when everything was only at the begin, and it was making me feel overwhelmed, and you after few minutes or seconds, you was making your appearence.

Maybe your friends have conveyed my regards, maybe not, but however in these minutes i feeling Our Parallel World is lifting around us, and my heart is beating like a crazy with your.
Your arms are tightening me more to you.

And even if i now i can see an only one your eye, i see inside Our Parallel World, making itself bigger, and i can perceive all his beauty.


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