I will can

Be appear, really that one crazy, but in these hoursyour closeness is very powerful, and i have to throw away all the air from the lungs to try to calm the heart that is beating like a crazy one.

Your friend have visited each my instagram stories. I don’t know what she have thought about me.
But in this moment i can think only what you make me feel.
You have woke me in the sweetest way possible. Touching my belly and pulling me always more to you, and when i have opened the eyes, the soft punch in the stomach was strong, and it still inside me.

Something inside me, says these hours, these days, they have added magically something inside that bubble that is Our Parallel World. 
What i have wrote, and said them, they have been an important part of that puzzle that is composing Our Parallel World, and my heart is beating like a crazy jackhammer, but something it says me that they will be so gentle to say you everything with delicateness.

When i have opened the eyes i felt your soft embrace, making itself always stronger, and your whispers have enveloped me, with a such delicateness that  i hoped to see you next me, but it have not been so, but your closeness have been so wonderful, and i still feel it around. 

Do you feel it too?


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