You have woke me with your sweet embrace, and your sweet words have envelope me.
I have close the eyes for a second for realize that i wasn’t dreaming. 
No, it was you, and when i have see you so, my heart have started to beat stronger. 
I have had to throw away all the air from the lungs.

That’s why i have felt your closeness. I will have seen your sweet face even for few seconds.
Here you are. What do you was thinking?
Those blue eyes are taking me in Our Parallel World, where are you and me, and our emotions are wrapping us. 
I feel your arms tightening more to me. 
You want make me feel your heart, and delicately you place my hands on your chest. 
I look at your shirt, then you lift my face up, and with a sweet beckon you sigh my name.

Our hearts at unison. I keep your hand, and you looking at me sweetly, you say: “It’s ok.”
And your theme begins to wrap us. 
Your forehead touch mine, and slowly you move me tightening me my hips.
Our slow dance begins.


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