It have been

Sent, and my heart is beating so hard. It’s from when i have knew it, i throw away the air from the lungs, and i’m biting my lips. 
And in someway something from the bottom of my soul, it says me that you have read that small message i sent you.

I’m looking at you smiling you questioning on what it could be. Only at thought i could going crazy. 
I can feel your closeness, and your arms around my belly. 
You know, you will receive something from me.
I will don’t know if you like, but something inside me, says me yes.

Everything is turns around to Our Parallel World, and we know it. 
I lose myself in those blue oceans, even in grey, and i can feel your heart beating unison with mine, and your theme is wrapping me. 
I see Fehu, Isa and Dagaz, three wonderful runes, and together they says me, that slowly i’m reaching you, and this wide open my heart, always more, and i can’t hold back my tears, while everything is transforming in Our Parallel World, and i feel you tighter to me. 

I hope when you will receive my parcel you will comprehend, how much important you are in my life, and how much our bond is special and that it goes beyond anything else.
It’s something really tiny but really big. 

Our Parallel World.


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