As soon taken

The smartphone, that double number, and my soft punch in the stomach is all sudden, increased…. Our Parallel World has lifted around us, and now our souls are communicating. 
Yes, i’m feeling your closeness.
Your embrace around my belly, and my head is slow exploding, and everything has become a multitude of colours. Do you see it too? 

Now our soft punch in the stomach is grwing faster, and these great emotions are some of biggest i have felt. I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, for don’t crazy.
I feel your closiness always more, and i can hear you repeating “Do you come tomorrow see me?” 
Certainly, i will be in first row. I will be in silence. Our minds will be connected, and our souls in someway will merging each other.

Our  eyes will look for themselves. Each time you will see straight in web cam, you will know that my eyes will don’t stick off from your, and something it will say you that they will mine.
I miss you, but in someway i feel your closeness stronger than ever.

Our Parallel is uniting us each day is pass, and we feel it.
We both, throw away all the air from the lungs. We feel our connection becoming stronger, and we are trembling at the same time, despite our real distance.
These emotions are wrapping us in a sweet embrace. 
It’s the embrace of Our Parallel World.


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