So isn’t

A concidence that i feel your closeness in these hours. Your soft embrace from behind around my belly and your arms tightening me strong.
I throw away all the air from the lungs. 
I’m not going crazy. There is something that make us feel united despite our distance.
Something magical. 

My heart is beating strong.
You know my weak point, and of i think about it upheaval me.
My head is turning, and slowly Our Parallel World is lifting up around us.

That small electric shocks just before you sent these pictures, it have shiver me. 

Our connection has becoming each day stronger, and sometimes it leave me breathless. 

I look at you straight into your eyes, and it seemed that you can read into my mind, and when happened everything turns very slowly. 
I stare what you are indicating, and there i see our souls meeting each other, while they are dancing our slow dance.

What you making me feel in these two days, are the biggest emotions that have could feel in these six years of a magical connection.
I have to admit that it seem me to being in front of a precipice and all these emotions what i’m feeling, they say me: “Jump!” 
A jump toward the unknown, but i know it’s not. 

To the other side there are you, and in someway, you are waiting for me. And looking at you in this way, you make me understand, that in this connection there is something real.
You are elongating your hand toward me and i have to just jump. 
You will take me, and in that moment Our Parallel World, will be something real.

I’m looking at you, and i hear your voice that delicately call me.


Listen to it🔉⤵🔮💜


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