Where have you

Been? I have missed you. 
Just few days and i have thought that that one magical sensation have vanish. 
But instead all of a sudden it have appeared once again, and now your closesness is around me, and slowly our minds are connecting each other.

This is an unusual hour for our connection, but anothe double number is appeared immediately, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing fast.
Our Parallel World is lifting up around us, and everything is floating like in a amniotic liquid.
Like a new birth everything around us, despite our real distance, is bonding us always more.

I’m preparing a jewel for you, and i have learnt how it’s very deep his meaning. Each knot i do, our souls are uniting. 
I have started to feel your closeness, once again when i have began this jewel.

Now everything is turning slow, but i can feel our souls intertwining one another in that universe that have wanted meet us.
I feel something stronger than the soft punch in the stomach. Something that goes beyond of  it. 
Something that touch that tiny point from where born everything.

I can feel you close to me. I can feel your soul dancing with mine. It’s overwhelming.
Our connection is growing each minutes is pass. 
Inside me, something is exploding in milion of pieces, and know you are perceiving strong.
You don’t know what is. Me also i’m confuse, but i let it continue. 

My heart is going crazy. We both dno’t speak, we are looking at us inside. 
Our souls are still dancing. In that moment of maximum of intense emotion, an exchange. 

I can still your soul in me. You are embracing me delicately. 
For a second i close the eyes, and i have could hear your sweet voice.
If you could place your hand on my chest, you could hear my heart beating like a crazy.
And my head is still turning.

Comprehending the meaning of what i’m doing for you, without realizing, i’m uniting our souls always more inside that magical world that is Our Parallel World.


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