It seemed that everybody our new friends knew very well Michelle, and they were remained fascinated by our description, above all Moses, and even Michelle herselfhave remained enchanted by that big bear.
They seemed have made immediately friendship, and  ave started to talk each other.
Big Eyes still in the arms of Michelle, have jumped off and  with his brother have started to turn the striptease club. 

I have warned the bodyguard who was looking at everbody with curiosity the new creatures, to be careful to those  tiny beings, he without being noticed have nodded.
Big Eyes and his brother had to come back in town very soon, and we had not to loose them.
We have noticing that little by little, one by one, of those creatures was telling Michelle and Cyclope what was happened in the castle, and they were not missing the glances of Michelle that we knew very well, while Moses was tell her what we had done.

In her glances we could hear her voice: “You are crazy. You have as soon ended the biggest investigation of your life, and immediately after you got in  one of the trouble, maybe bigger, without warned everybody… Crazy!” 
We have lokked at her knowing he had right, but at end we have smiled shrugging. 
Perhaps she was the only who knew  really our habits. 

But this time, maybe we had esagerated a bit, and only in those seconds we were reasoning that we had to say no to Big Eyes, but then looking at him happy with his brother, we have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Follow our instinct have been maybe, the  better thing we have could do. 
We were surrounding by new  grateful friends, who in case of need they would be the first to help us. 

There was no need to listening to, but in those glances there was the answer. 
Slowly we have looked at everybody smiling, and below the table we have tightening the hands.
Moses had enchanted Michelle with his story of that adventure, while the other were touring the big salon, while we were  about to estranging ourselves from everything. 
But before on our table it have been made slided a hand note, and immediately we had recognized the trembling calligraphy.

It was written by Pepe. He was still thanking for everything we had done, and they were hoping that one day of those we would could visit again his motel and that one room would have always been ready for us, and we knew which would have been. 
I have blushed looking at you. Ending to read it, we had knew, that Billy would have accompanied him and the homeless at the motel.

Closing that sweet parenthesis, we have smiled, and we have continued to stare our friends talking and wander in that club, already full in that unusual hour. 
Your hand have delicately touched mine, and with a ssweet gaze, you have made me undertand that for us, it was time to go in that apartment and it was time to  close ourselves inside for don’t come outside for a bit of time.

Only Cyclope have noticed we have got up, and only with a finger beckon he have saluted us.
We have left that club without that nobody have noticed. 
Came out we have turned toward the wooden door for a last symbolic salute to everybody. 

Now we had really need to close ourselves out from that city, and think a bit more to ourselves.
We hadn’t close eye for long time, and now not even we wanted take off our dirty clothes, but just dive ourselves in that couch, and sleep for an entire week. Not before you have wrote on a big sheet of paper: ” We are close for worthed rest!” And you have hung it out of the window, and immediately after you have came nex to me, making me slide on your chest, and for the rest of the day we remained like this, in hearing of the buzz of that city that little by little have swallow us inside, and closing the eyes, we have fallen asleep.”


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