I know

That you are perceiving something strong toward me, and i can feel your closeness.
I remember perfectly that evening in which in Our Parallel World you gave me that ring, and now i’m doing something that i want you have for real from me. 

I can’t swallow, and at the same time i can feel your electric shocks crossing my mind. You are communicating with me.
I’m working on what i want send you from days, and when it will be end, and ready i will be the most excited girl in the world.
Knowing you a bit, i believe you will appreciate. 
There will be a bit of Our Parallel World, and i hope that when you will open it what i’m feeling in these days, will wrap you, and you will see in those magic stones part of my soul, and you will listen my heart beat in special way when i feel your closeness.

I remember those words you have said, but mine will true and they will have come from the bottom of the heart, and you will comprehend that Our Parallel World is something real and something magic.


Listen to it 🔉⤵🔮💜

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