When without realizing we have started talk about our friends, also laughing, for a moment we have looked at us , and we have thought to the same thing, and we have shared one of the biggest smile that we could make us.
Talking about Cyclope, Yvonne but above all Michelle, we have found again our freedom, and little by little that light have come back bright our  glances.

Moses have break away that his gerachy that in someway he hated, and have came next to us, and his creatures had formed a  horizontal line where everybody had the same rights of their King, and he did like it so much. 
When we have seen that formation, he have been himself to explain that he have been to wish that every creature of his little empire had the same equal rights, but only in extreme case Moses have would have to exercise his role of leader in chief, like  that one during our descent. 

We have listened to him very interested, and in those seconds we have looking at each other sharing that thought in which we seemed us to live in a King Arthur tale, but after that sudden change, and explanation, Moses have wanted that we  continue to describe our friends.
You have looked at him smiling, keeping tight my hand in your, and you have started to tell everybody those first days we had decided to tour that city.

We have arrived only from few days. We had rent by telephone that apartment that in few days have became  for us everything. When the day we went to the estate agency an enormous heavy grey female blue and white dressed, have gave us the key, she have made us a good impression. She have wanted accompanied us to the apartment, and when we entered in, immediatiely we have falled in love with that small place.

Only time after we have realized that we were next to a night club, but sincerely, we haven’t came there immediately. We were not still much in confidence with the inhabitants. 
We have passed the first month in that our new apartment to settle the few boxes that we had brought, and we had forget those faces during those moving house, and sincerely we had  to study how promote our D&L Investigation.

But after a long evening in which we had not gotten anything, we have looking at each other, and we have decide to go in that night club, and with surprise we have met  immediately friendly creatures, who without any effort they have became our friends, and when we have been invited to see the show, we have accepted, and our newest friends had said us that we would have remained breathless. 

When the speaker have announced an unique name screaming it, the whole salon have collapsed. 
We had understand that she was the starlette of the that night club, and when the audience have seen her legs behind the red velevety drapery, there we had understand that we had in front someone very spectacular. 
At first glimpse we had not recognìzed her, but she had something vey familiar.
Her name was Michelle. 

Her movements were so sinuous, and her body despite so big seemed that taken the flight. We both have remained fascinated, but there was that question that was hammering our mind. We were sure to have already seen her, but where and in which ocassion?  Or as much we were enchanted by her,we have conviced ourselves to have seen her in another place, but when just minutes  to the end of the show, that solitary spotlight, have illuminated her of blue, we have recognized Michelle like our estate agent. 

We had have difficulties to recognized her till that moment, because at the agency she was so woody with those pinstriped clothes, and instead on that stage, it was the most beautiful free creature that we had seen.
Even with the spotlight straight in to her face, she had recognized those two new customers placed at table next to the brownish drapery, next to the anteroom of that striptease club, where that giant of cyclope have made us sit, a she had immediately recognized us, and with a feeble sign she had made us understand to wait for her, and just after few minutes she have came with an ostrich feather dressing gown, and she have presented herself, asking us how we doing in that apartment. Without turning round it, we havd made her alot compliments about her number. We had said her that almost we didn’t had recognized her. She have blushed, and she have confessed that that job to the estate agency was only a provissory one. Her dream was to work full time in that local. Even her was moved herself in that city just few weeks before us, andshe had need to gain money to survive, but she had said us that she would have left the estate agency in shorty. Dressing those clothes was a torture. She was a free soul.

“And from that evening we have became really good friends”. You had as soon ended to tell that story that we have stopped in front of that wooden door, when i have knocked.
Moses with the other creatures have remained speechless and when Cyclope have opened us, even him have remained breathless, and after a big scream in which he have warned everybody inside of the club, he have made us sit. 
When Michelle have appeared in that anteroom, i have ran toward her, embracing her. Her severe glance after a bit, it have melted in one of the most sweetest and after have ask: “Where you have been?” her glance have placed on that big bear with two heads, and after she have feel someone who was pulling her bathrobe,then she have looked at down, her glance have met that one of Big Eyes. “And you who are you?” she have asked him taking himin her big arms. He have smiled her. Big Eyes had immediately conquered her.”


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