That soft punch

In the stomach is growing always more, each day is pass, and now that almost eveything have arrived, i’m ready to send you everything i want that you have. 

My heart is beating strong, and looking at you straight into those blue oceans, i can see our souls merginging one another, and Our Parallel World is lifting around us, protecting what we are feeling one from another, and now i’m feeling your closeness closer than ever.

I’m staring your eyes and looking this stone in front of me i can feel your magic spreading around me. 
Almost i can’t hold back the emotion. 
I knew you was magic, and something bigger than us have wanted bonded us inside Our Parallel World. 
I can see it through your tiny mole, and what i’m see it’s the most beautiful place i want stay with you.
And i know that you are overwhelmed like me in these instants. 
We are feeling our magic cross our minds. Your in me, and mine in you.
They are the most beautiful emotions, we can feel at the same moment.

Us inside Our Parallel World.


Listen to it 🔉⤵💜🔮

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