Moses have looked at us questioning himself and only after taken courage you have spoke.

“When Big Eyes have came to us, we had as soon ended  our first big case of our life, and sincerely we haven’t no even warned our friends. Big Eyes have dragged us here. They will be a bit worry.” You have looked at me. I was thinking to my Michelle, and nodding i asked you to continue.

“We would like to bring you everybody in our city for celebrate all that, and even if you have to go back in your town, we would like present you our friends.”
Big Eyes have looked at us with one of the happiest face, staring his brother whispering him something.

But who we had to look at was Moses the big leader of that group. The big Bear was thinking on what do, and only  after few seconds later, on his big two faces were printing a great smile, and at end he said: “It would be my pleasure to know your friends” and around him, his people have spreaded  a joy, that it have been hard to describe.

We had to leave that place that we wanted only forget, and like a King Moses, have  announced to his people that they have would descent in our town with us, and a like his gerarchy wanted, he would placed himself for last one to being sure that everybody would have followed us with Big Eyes and his brother next to us.

The Fairy have placed herself just behind us assuring  herself  that everybody had followed her magical track.
We have started to descent that big hill hand in hand, and with a glance we have remember that skinny creature who had sacrificed his life. A tiny tear have fallen again over my face, but immediately after i have dry it throwing away all the air from the lungs, with you who was looking at me sweetly.

I didn’t still got used to these sides of  our investigation life. But i have remember that it have been one of the first thing you have taught me, but despite it was a sentence that i had learnt by heart i wanted always hope that it would have not ever happened, above all when you have been kidnapped.
For few seconds i have thought about that, but looking at the hand was tightening mine, everything have vanished, and i got back to the present.
That soft hand, have brought us in a place all our, where i have could hear your heart beat unison with mine.

I was thinking: “Also this is over”, when all sudden , a big roar have stopped us, and Moses was, already ready to defend their creatures, but fortunately it wasn’t that creature who was back, but that castle that, little by little, it have came sucked inside that hill, and with great surprise, a small beam of a rainbow have came out, and have  lit that hill till now of an unique color.
We have stopped us to look at this show, and even those creatures with us, were astonished by that multitude of colors that, little by lttle, have came closer to us, and they have wrapped us. I was looking at you always more in love, and in that explosion of colors i have could hear you whispering : “I love you”, and delicately you have came closer and have tightened me strong to you.

Once that that rainbow had wrapped us, we everybody didn’t wanted no longer descent. It seemed it wanted thanked us for everything we had done. 
It was a long and warm embrace by an unknown force.
And only when we have reprised  our walk, it seemed us that it was talking to us, and what we have comprehend it have been a sense of grateful.

We have shared a couple of glances with the Fairy, who have sweetly smiled, explaining us that sensantion.
“Even that hill, in someway, have been jailed. When the castle have vanished, it have been his lastest fight. it have made blossom the most beautiful rainbow. Even from the bad things, it can born beautiful things… and you are one of them” and so she have got back behind, leaving us speechless.

Big Eyes and with his brother have been all the time next to us and when the Fairy have came back behind, they both have looked at proud of us, and after a moment of  real embarassement, they have looked at us, and with their small voices, have asked us how were our friends. We have looked at them still overwhelmed. “



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