Here you again

I feeling your closeness, your arms around my belly, and what you have made feel me in those few minutes, have been wonderful. 

Our Parallel World have wrapped us in our feelings, and your glance straight into mine eyes inside my mind, have been one of the most beautiful thing that i could see. 
I have could hear your whisper, and what you have wear against my skin. 

I can still feel your small whispers, among them you have called my name, and i have looked at you, making you see how much i enjoyed myself.
I would have wanted touched you for real, but our souls did for us.

In those few instants lasted an eternity our souls have merged one in another deeper, and only in those instants we have understand how much deep is our connection. 
Then that second explosion the longer one, i felt your arms tightened me more to you.

I feel your closeness making itself stronger, and our mind aways more connected. 
I know you have felt the same.


Listen to it🔉⤵🔮💜

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