When we have seen that creature smaterializing in front of us, we have remained speechless. 
Moses was still looking at those tiny light in the sky, and all the creatures one by one, have came out from that castle, and when we have also came out, that big creature who was giving us still his enormous back, have turned, and only when he have looked at us, he returned the Moses who we knew. 

When he have turned round a deeper silence have wrapped that battlefield. 
A soft breeze was caressing the sky, and despite was ended, everybody were looking at at their king with wide eyes open, as if they were waiting for something else, but Moses  haven’t say nothing, on the contrary, he was proudly looking at his creatures, above all those two tiny being with their little small ball of light. 
At end of that silent speech of which we have only imagined, what he had said, he have came closer to Big Eyes, and that tiny creature seemed still trembling, but as much he have could, he held his shaking, and only the glances of the two have met, Big Eyes have shyly smiled and Moses have waited for another a second later to thank him for have called us.

If Big Eyes hadn’t noticed what was happening in that next town, everybody would have been still caged in that castle, without can do nothing. 
“Thanks to that smartness of this tiny creature and thanks to Luke and Daria that we are free”
We were assisting to this ceremony still dazed of what had seen few minutes ago. 
It seemed us to live in a Fairytale, and a there was even a Fairy. 

Everything was tranforming in something real incredible. The bad one was been defeated thanks that great creature, and slowly around us it was changing in something that we had not ever seen, not even in that city that had naturalized us their inhabitants. 
We were looking at all that with totally wonder. 
It seemed see a King Arthur story, and the more we were seeing it, the more we remained fascinated of  how those creatures, from the smallest from the biggest were loyal to Moses, and in those instants were telling everybody their own experiences from when they were caught and caged in that castle without know what end they have would done.

But when their story have converted on that tiny creature who didn’t belonged to their town, something have changed. Their hopes have been bigger. They have had to just wait a couple of days, when we arrived. 
Now that everything was over, my only thought was toward the skinny creature in that dark room.
We hadn’t know what we have would found, but for sure, i didn’t wanted left that place before a check.

You knew what were my intentions, and certainly you didn’t wanted leave me go alone. 
Moses have looked at us nodding saying us to be careful anyway.
I have shared a glance to everybody, but especially to you who delicately have taken my hand, and looking at Moses, you have said: “Don’t move yourself, we do in hurry!”
The big bear have shyly smiled, and in our wait, he have wanted see their creatures one by one closer, checking that they were really ok. 
But someone have stopped us, denying to go.

She knew that if we have would go in that room, we would have only found something that it would have impressed us much, and that we have would not forgive ourselves for have not saved him. 
The Fairy have placed herself in front of us, and with her soft voice, she have said: “Don’t go. You will find just something that you could not like”. 
She have looked at me with those eyes, that little by little have widing themselves open always more. 
I leaned me on you, and in those seconds, looking at straight into her wonderful eyes, i have could see a blurry image and my heart have begin to beat strong.
Only when i turned toward you, i have dive in your chest crying, i have could see the cruel death of the skinny creature. 

You have tightened me more to you, and in a sighed, you have tried to confort me. Only after your words, i have liftted my face toward your, and you have said: “He  gave us some minutes more. And it’s even thanks to him that we everybody are alive”.  I have looked at you, throwing away all the air from the lungs, and delicately i have nodded. 
Then i have turned again toward Moses and the other creatures who were staring at me dazed for how much sensitive i was, and then Big Eyes with his brother have came to me to tightening me to them.

It have been a hard hit to swallow. I had still the heart that was beating strong, when Moses have said that he wanted leave away from that terrible place. 
Reprised myself, i have looked at you, and in a short sharing of glance, you have immediately comprehend what i would have wanted asked them.  You have sweetly have smiled me and then you have looked at Moses.”



Listen to it🔉⤵





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