It’s from

Two days that my heart is beating like a crazy jackhammer and i feeling your closeness always closer to me.
They are two days that i’m not able to write about what i’m feeling in these moments. 
And in these moments i can’t not even to swallow. My hands are shaking, and staring those stones, i only think that i have to do that crazy thing. 
My heart is about to splash out from the chest. And those double numbers are wrapping me, like if the universe wants push me toward you always more.

I know it’s a crazyness, in someways something magical have happened among us during that evening.
My head is literally exploding, and i feelin that even your don’t comprehend what is happenin in these instants. 
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 
Our Parallel World is say us that we are come closer one to another, and everything this is materializing in front of us like an enchament.

All these signs are saying that we are feeling what the other are feeling, and that soft punch in the stomach, isn’t only a strange sensation, but it’s our way to communicate thanks our souls. 

I looking at you and i can’t hold back. My eyes get wet, and all what i’m feeling in these instants it’s you around despite our real distance. I hearing you whispering my name, and my heart is exploding. 
I missing you too a lot.


Listen to it🔉⤵💜🔮

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