Moses have placed himself  in front of us, and now  it seemed a personal matter between him and that creature. 
We were still inside the castle, but that giant wanted that Moses came out, and that he faced that creature in that garden, and that the loser

he would have abbandoned the field without say nothing, or in the case of victory of the giant creature everybody would have underwent to the will of that creature who was continuing to provoke Moses.

Moses have came out, while we together the other creatures were still inside. We were breathless. 
Maybe we have missed something, but in those intstants it was useless ask to the brother of Big Eyes, who perhaps didn’t know the whole matter, being caugh just few time after.
We had to only wait and see. 
But in the way they looking at each other, surely there was something deeper. 

“At end you have been capable to escape from that room” have said the giant looking at the bear, who despite was smaller, he hadn’t fear to looking at him straight into those reddish yellowish eyes.
“I have said it to you when you have closed me in that room”.
We have looked at each other, and in those instants, we have missed the ground under the feet, and all of a sudden, our thoughts have became clearest, and one by one we have looked at the other creatures, especially those with their small ball of light, ready to attack that giant who was provoking their king. 

Like a bolt from the blue, we have made us a general idea of what have happened, and only when a creature of those that we had saved in those previous hours, have came cloaser to us, he have confirmed us our thoughts.
Moses was their king, and that’s why he have been closed in that room alone.
“When had seen that their people one by one have disappeared, he wandered in this valley, and when he have been caught we everybody, have thought that it would be the end, but when that tiny creature have intuited something wrong, we have hoped that he have would coud help us, insteatd he have been caught.”

We have listened to that story breathless, while we were looking at Moses was facing up to that creature who had taken all their creatures, and  now the time to revenge have came. 
The giant creature knew to being in minority, and even if he was the bigger, and if Moses would have wanted, he have would used all the powers of his people, but he knew that it would be too risky.
“That’s why he have wanted came out alone” we have whispered, ending our common thought.

Like a real and brave king, he would have face up to their enemy, alone. 
But his people have would do its part if  they would have seen their King in difficulty. 
But we hadn’t see still nothing strabiliant, but when we have heard Moses started to roar, something was about to happen, and everybody have came closer to see.
And it seemed that each time have happening, everybody remaining speechless.

Moses wasn’t a normal conjoined twin. He had also some magical powers, and in those seconds he was putting them into action, and that creature who he had in front, have moved backward, because who had in front, it was transforming himself in one of the biggest bear we had ever seen, and one of his two head have vanished. 
I have remained speechless, as much to have to leaned me on you.

Now it was a fight between two giants, and we were the audience of that battle without exclusion of hits.
From a part paws and claws and to the other one flames and beatings, but it seemed that those flames  from that creature, once his jailer, hadn’t none effect on Moses. His skin was hard to being snatched, and on the contrary his claws seemed get hurt his opponent, and sometimes some of  those branches that were forming that giant body have falling on the ground, and the more Moses hitting him, the more those branches falled on the ground, and  seen his slowness, Moses have screamed something to someone inside the castle, and immediately we have seen run out  those little creature with their small ball of light, and with only a glance toward those creatures who haven’t wait else, he have ordered them to thrown their bright balls. 

Without mercy, those small ball of light have fire those branches, that little by little have taken that creature who was trying escape, but it was useless. Those dry branches got fire the entire creature from his feet till that head covered by very thin branches that seemed hair.
The only thing that didn’t wanted take fire were those eyes, but that after left that body in flames.
They have taken the flight, and they have lit the sky, then they have turn off, and become ashe, and it have starts to falling grey rain.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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