Those two hours were pratically flew away, we were happy to being been capable to save all or almost the creatures of that castle. It got back in mind that one who have sacrificed himself for give us a bit of time more. 

Looking at everybody in that atrium,  i was able to see a while of that skinny creature in each glance of those who were looking at us asking what they had to do once that big wooden door would have been open, and all those eyes were pointed on you. Even mine.
But we were staring at those creatures who without realizing were preparing themselves, without that nobody ordered them what to do. 
Unconsciously, already they knew what would have do, as soon that door was been opened.

We were seeing already those little creatures warming themselves, and from their little paws it was already ready a ball of light, ready to being thrown toward anything was behind that door. 
The enormous bear with tho heads was next to us, and he seemed protected us, and without effort we have appèreciated it. 
They have  looked at us smiling, as if they knew us from long time, and what one of them have said us, it have tightened the heart.
“Now we can exchange the favor”. I have looked at you and you have tightened more my hand, understanding that that moment was very important. 

In a sigh, you have asked him what was his name, and first the Bear have looked for a short moment the other one and, almost laughing he answered: “Our names is Moses”, and immediately after we have got back to look at that door. We have smiled with him. Maybe we had thought the same thing that had thought Moses. Their name was perfect for a kind of creature like them. And we have only imagined which magical power they have could have.

That wait was exhausting, but looking at each creature ready to fight for his freedom, it made us feel proud of what we were able to do in few hours. 
In that large dark atrium, lit only by a few but large candles, we could see any type of creature that not even they knew each other, but in those looks you could understand that they would also fight for the creature next to them.
Through the window next to the door we could see the eyes of that creature who little by little was examing his castle, and only when the castle have shaked by his scream, everybody in that atrium have looked at us, and we have nodded, even if they have knew exactly what do. 

To nodding, have been our latest thing that we have do. We have remained petrified, and even if we wanted checking the bright map, that scream had freezed us, and in a blink we have could see all those creatures arming themselves to the teeth. And those little bright balls between those small paws of those little creature have becoming bigger than their owners. 

But before that that door was opened, those creatures have had fight against those few jailers, who were inside tha castle, but in few blows they have escaped away. 
Surely they hadn’t waiting themselves for to facing to all those creatures in one time. 
Creatures who they had caught in different time, and above all that they had divided one from another.
That light’ ball had thrown them making them to bleed, and only when they got up once again, our friends have looked at them running away. 

Only when the creature outside have realized that his guardians at inside castle, two creature with an indecipherable form, had left the batllefield, he have wide opened that big wooden door, letting in  an enormous blow of wind, making turning off all that candles in the atrium, threatening whoever had made go out all his prisoners. 

We have looked at us, and looking at everybody, we have made us ahead among those creature who wanted defend us, but we were willing to make him see who were us, but when Moses have presenting himself with his mass behind us that creature, even if bigger than everybody else, have looked at him as if him wanted challenge the big Bear.
Moses seemed had no fear. He have would do everything to escape.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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