In those minutes we had to think faster we could, and the only thing  that we have could say everybody it have been to being ready in every moment. 
We didn’t know how to move ourselves, but we had to do it in hurry.
We have throw away all the air from the lungs, and we have looked Big Eyes and his brother. 
Saved him, now it was arriving the most dangerous part of that wacky plan that we were putting in those seconds.
The escape.

We knew that two hours were like few crumbs, but if we wanted do what we had in mind, we had to made them  be enough.
The first to being warned of our arrive, have been the big Bear, and so we have would do also with the other creatures of the other floors.
When we have opened that door, the first who have came out have been Big Eyes, follwed by his brother. You have followed them taking my hand in your. We have warned the Fairy, who have been ready to came out, as soon she have seen us behind that door, and silently she have followed smiling us. We had to set free the skinny creature.
But he have preferred remain at guard of his jailer.
He have looked at us, destined to remain there. 
We also, had to comprehended that crazy but logical thread.
He have became the target of that enormous creature. If at his wake he didn’t had seen him,  the big creature would have unleash a real chaos. 

With a sense of guilt, he have looked at us, and we have looked at him who slowly was turning his chair toward the window, and sighing, he have said: “That’s what i deserve… you go…!” 
I have tried to conviced him to changed his mind, but more we remaining, less time we had.
I have caressed his shoulder, and he have touched my hand. You knew, how i was suffering in those instants, but there was not time, and so, delicately, you have dragged me away from that room. 
We had closed the door looking at us straight into the eyes. 

We were a bit confused, and our heart were beating like two jackhammer, but taken that decision that skinny creature, in his way hae wanted give us a helping hand, and whatever it would be happened, we had to thanked him. We have continue our descent toward that floor in which we have seen Bear who was in the latest room in that aisle. Running toward that room, i have could see the other creatures through the walls. 

The Fairy have helped us to get calm the creatures who were looking at us passing in front nof their doors. 
“They have to being sure to check each aisle… they get back to take everybody.”
Her voice was an enchantment. She have got calm everybody. We have tested it immediately after have passed the first door.
At our passage the creatures inside those door have became more nervous, but when she have whispered those few sentences, their heart beat got slow.

When we arrived in front to the door of that enormous Bear, it have enough to say: “We are us” and we have could hear the two bears approach, and only when the Fairy have came closer to us, she have been capable to make go out that big creature outside that room, without that we had opened the door.
In silence we have shared a smile, and we got backward. We have open the other doors, and one by one, without make noise we have made go out all those creatures. 

From four which we were, we have became at least ten, and we had still to went down at ground floor, and surely, we have would became the double, because in several rooms there were differents creatures of differents size and measure, mostly little creatures but with a magical highest potential. Above all small creatures with little magical power, that put together they could make great things, but that smartly that creature outside had put in different rooms.

Some of them were like Big Eyes and his brother: creatures divded, and only when we have been capable make them reunite, they have thanked us. 
By now, we had checked each room of that castle, and behind us there were a large group of creatures ready to exit from that castle, but our time was expired, and now the only unique room that it would have hosts everybody was that one atrium in front of that door that was facing itself to the garden.

Little by little, those eyes was opening monitoring the garden, and only after few minutes he would have noticed that their prisoners have been capable to escape from their rooms, and from there to few it would be unleash a real hell.
You have warned everybody to keep themselves ready.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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