From i have gave them that news, even the other creatures, have looked at us as their saviors, and their excitment it could see in their movements. 
We could see them as animals in cage,  as if they knew that someone in shortly would have set free. 
Throwing away all the air from the lungs, i have shared a glance toward you, knowing to say something.
But at this point have intervened your soft voice.

“We have came here to save one creature, but as soon see the situation we have changed mind. We have said ourselves we had to save everybody. We have the help of one Fairy to communicate with you, but now we have to know, how many of you are ready to risk…” you had not ended what you wanted say, because you knew it would have been useless, and you have shared a quick gaze with everybody in that room.

Through the liquid floor, we have looked at everybody who were confabulating something, and only few after second later, there have been a soft word of mouth, and only when it have arrived to the Bear, we have could hear a chorus of voices that it was saying: “We are ready to everything toe xit from here…” and looking at those two big Bear, we have thrwon a glance to that creature outside the castle, who seemed sleeping, and what we have said immediately after have came out almost spontaneously.
“We should find the way to escape when he sleep.” Everybody in the castle were listening to very carefully, and now all our glances were set on the brother of Big Eyes. 
He knew what we wanted to know. He was reflecting faster than he could. 

He have looked at outside the window and he have stared the sky. It was still so grey and even if  it was been day or night, we have would could not distinguish one to another, and what he have said us then later, it have been a bit confused, but a trembling voice have reached us, and we have realized that it was that one of the skinny creature. 
For days, he had observed that tall creature outside his window, and with a thread of voice, he have said:
“I heard every words you have said, checking our jailer, I would have stopped you if he had opened his eyes. I was about to do it a couple of  times, but then… You have three hours in which you can move freely”. We were listening to him carefully, but then you have asked about the floating lights, and seemed that  the skinny creature knew it more about them. 

We remained  in silence to hear what he was say us. And when he have revealed what he had  discovered, we have remained speechless. Those floating lights were else that a visual effect of his eyes that monitoring the entire castle, and now that he had made us noticed we had checked the brighting map, and all of sudden those floating lights were disappeared. They were only appendixes of those his eyes.

We have looked at us overwhelmed, and immediately Big Eyes have said what we were thinking. 
“You have to think something in hurry…” he have said with his thin voice, and without debating, you have nodded, saying me to explore more that room, and see what the Fairy enchament would have could make me see.
And so i have done. The liquid mirror below us have expanded more, and so we have seen also, some doors that were opening themselves to the garden, and there, we have stopped. 

They were only two floors below us, just a bit out of our view, and beyond those doors there were no rooms, and we could only perceive a sort of breeze. The magic of the Fairy was still working, and we wanted thanked her taking her out together with all the other creatures.
We had to  only came out from that room, forming a little army with those creatures, fighting if it was necessary and running away toward the freedom.
We have looked at us deeply, and when we have stared our small friends, we have throw away the air from the lungs. We had only two hours.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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