What we were looking at it seemed incredible as much to ask us: “Are you seeing what i’m looking at?”
You have lifted the glance toward me and with those eyes, you have stared me and without say nothing, you have nodded.
The two brothers have looked at each other, and just one of them, had understand, and he have wanted put himself, on my knees to see. 

When he have looked at down on the ground, he have jolted and he have clinging on my neck. 
He knew it was a magic but he didn’t have waited himself for to see all the floors of that castle without falling inside of them.
Whispering, he have named the Fairy, and we have nodded. 
His brother, still hesitant, was looking at us, while Big Eyes have inviting him to come closer to you, and see, what could see staying in that room. 
We have had the same thought in mind. We have stared at each other. And without thinking much, you gave me the way to try.

A female voice sweet, calming would perfect for test what we had in mind, and the Fairy voice would have been perfect, but returning back in her room, it was too much dangerous, and everybody were looking at me as refer point. 
I had to speak to those creatures directly and in few sentences, i had to made them understand that there was no to worry, and we were been capable to enter in that castle, and we were there to set free them, but we had to know how many were ready to follow us, but above all to collaborate with in this plan.
It had to being  a short speech, but with everything we had to say them.

So, before to testing the Fairy magic, we together we have put down a sort written speech, with all the salient points of what i would have said.
When you have wrote it, you have gave it me, and for several minutes i have read it, and sighing it i have looking at you while you was nodding and moving your lips you was repeating it with me, assuring yourself that it was concise, that it woud have not scared, but that it would have conviced to collaborate.

For how many times i had read it, i had learnt it by heart. Now i had to take courage to speak.
The two brothers were looking at me anxious. I got up, and you from behind, have embraced me, and delicately you have placed your face on my shoulder. My heart have began beat strong, while i have throw away all the air from the lungs, and when i have began, a surreal silence have fallen in that room.
You have tighened me stronger, when i decided adress me to a couple of a creatures who were embraced like this since when they have been brought there. 
They could being two big bear, but with that mass of fur, it have could being even only one.

I have started to talk with them, and it seemed that they have could hear my voice. 
I have had to calm them, saying them that i was even a prisoner, but i had found a way to talk with the other creatures without being noticed. You have tightened sweetly more the belly, and feeling your hands on my bare skin, every words i have said them, have come out easily, and Big Eyes with his brother, for all the time have held back the breathe, looking at those two creatures, that at end, have revealed their real nature. 
They were bears siamese twin, and their giant body was confused by the fur, and only when i have replied to the only question they have made me, i have said them to look at up, and we everybody have could distinguish their faces in that only enormous body.

I was focused on that big bear that i had not noticed all the other creatures of the castle had heardt.
While i was speaking you was not only looking at the bear, but had took a look to the other rooms and floors, and when you have tightened me more, it wasn’t only for the exciment to have communicated with that Bear, but it was even because the others creatures had heard my voice, and it was going much better we have could figured. 
And only when i have ended to speak with that Bear, you have tightened me more to your chest, and with a sweet sigh, you have said: “Look!” indicating me the other rooms in those different floors, and turning me, softly, you have said: “You have made it…”, while our foreheads touched, and for a short instant our lips have caressed.

“We have made it!” i have replied  diving myself into your blue eyes, while Big Eyes and his brother were looking at all those creatures who were staring up toward that roof, and for the very first time they were tasting that freedom that they don’t believed to savouring, no more.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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