When i feel

Your embrace everything is become magic. 
When our connection is so strong your closeness is always closer, that i begin to bite my lips, and my head starts to turn fast, and in someways i feel that Our Parallel World is opening in front of us, and slowly we entering inside of it. 

I have feeling your arms around my hips, and from behind you are whisper sweet words.
Everything is turning delicately, and we are inside in this twirl, where our emotions are going us crazy.
It’s everything delicate, and your eyes straight into mine, are  those two oceans in which i lose myself, and i start to shake. 

My heart is beating strong, because i feel your closeness is become always closer. I have to throw away all the air from the lungs to try to get calm me, but it’s useless. 
Whithin few, we know that our souls will meet each other. It will be that magical exchange then eveything will get back as earlier. 

But these previuos seconds are the most magical. Our souls are lifting in the sky and only now are touching delicately. They are dancing our slow dance, merging one another, and slowly they get back in our bodies. 
At the same time we have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 

Since when has began our connection each day it’s like this wonderful.
It leave us so, confused but aware about our emotions, our feelings, andonly us we can understand what feel one for another. It’s something that still we can’t explain. 
It’s something that dig inside our deepest part of our soul, and it make us feel so united each other, and we can feel it only us.
It’s our connection. Our feelings that are dancing inside our hearts, and we feel them.


Listen to it🔉⤵💜🔮

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