Now that we had indetified that creature as the maker of all that, we could have see every his moves, even if we didn’t know we we had all the situation undercontrol. On the contrary, we were not  sure at all of the situation. 
We had in hand one of the most danger thing that creature have would could see immediately.
The sparkling map.

At first glimpse, that creature seemed a big tree with long and thin branches that were covered all his thin a skinny body, and those reddish yellowish eyes were visible trought those thin branches that covering his face.
His movements were slow, but in their slowness they were fast, having in one quick glance, the whole situation undercontrol of that population that he was keeping in his castle.

Only in those instants we have understand why the Fairy moved  rarely herself, and she seemed chained by invisble chains. She didn’t move, because she have understand that it was better way to being not noticed and consequently don’t being annoy, thing that hadn’t do the creature in the first room that we had visited.
The skinny creature had tried to escape in that manhole that we were looking for to reach.

When the brother of  Big Eyes, have seen that our glances were staring more outside than the map, he have said:
“Since when he have tried to escape all attention of that giant creature is focused on that window, but we have to stay careful, because we have noticed that he is very quick. In someway we can be calm, but certainly not relieved.
Each time those eyes, enter in each room, it’s like a new test.” 
We have looked at each other and the more those words have whispered, the more that question that he had made us few minutes ago it  have made us beat stronger the heart, and slowly we have tried to don’t think about it.
You have tightened stronger my hand, and for a long instants i have stared your.

We have throw away all the air from the lungs, and we have continued to study the map, but by now it was useless. 
Too many thoughts have crowding our minds, but only one in particular have hammer our head, and only when we had sighed it unison we have looked at us with wide eyes open looking at Big Eyes.
“He have left us enter because he wanted it…!” 

Only when it have came out from your mouth a shiver have crossed my back, and my glance have freezed into your, but despite that affirmation to which we both have not wanted believe, we had to accepted it as only and unique  answer.

Not only the brother of our small friend, had a test to exceed, and only in those shortest time we had realized of that.
In that close city were celebrating our comeback from an horrible adventure, and now that creature wanted see us closer. It was the only reason that we have got in mind, and this have scared us. 
Yes we had discovered that ill deal, but now we didn’t know how face up to that situation, totally different.
But, by now we were inside of it, and in someways we had to come out.

Taking again the map, we have started to sudied it again. Now we had to know how many others creatures, he had caught. But this was simple. With the magic of the Fairy we have would could see trought the walls of each room, and make an approximate calculation of  how many creatures there were in that castle. 
Maybe the problem to know how much they were scared, and how many of them were willing to risk to exit from that jail.

But in those instants our minds were so busy to studied a plan to exit from that room without being noticed that we haven’t see beyond what we wanted see, and only when my glance have going down, my heart have jumped in throat for what i was capable to see, that i have left the study of map to the others and i have continued see what i have discovered, and in meawhile i was already counting. 
I was sighing: “one, two, three, four” and when i have arrive to ten, you have stopped to whispering with the others, and you have looked at me with a strange glance, and when you have asked: “Daria what are you doing?” i have not turned toward you, but i have continued to counting, but i have began to pointing the floor. You have not understand. You had still the map that was obstacling the view, and only when you have moved it away, you have started see what i was looking at.

The floor below us have became liquid, and like before enter in that room, we have could see all that castle, and i was counting every creatures in each room of each floor. 
We have immediately think the Fairy, and now we had only to test if those creatures coud have listening to us. We have looked at us, and shyly we have smiled to Big Eyes and his brother, who have not compreheding what was happening.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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