We were looking at that reunion between those brothers and even they were not talking each other, we were comprehending how much they were worried each other, and in those eyes we could perceiving how much happiness there was even in their touches.
Big Eyes have turned toward us, and he have smiled us, and just behind his brother have looked at us grateful, for have taken him seriously, and coming closer he have wanted take hands, and without say nothing he have sharing a shy nod with Big Eyes. We have smiled him, looking at him straight into his eyes, and only thank that glance, we had understand that he was studying us, and only few second later on his face was about to printed a smile.

He had to have the confirmation of what Big Eyes had said about us. 
We knew that, we had to left him do, and after a big smile, we have could feel his trust in new friends of his brother.
Then he have looked at himself around, as if  someone else could hear what he was about to say us.
He have explained what he had attracted him toward that castle, and that thing had scared us much. 

Big Eyes and his brother have came from a far town from our city. 
“Big Eyes have been tested before me, and maybe you have learnt something from him in these days… ” and so he have looked at his brother with a sense of proud, and without add nothing else, we had understand what he wanted say. Big Eyes was determinated. He have would climb the biggest mountain only to save his brother, totally different from him, who for that gift he had, was the more spontaneous, and he following those perceptions that he was feeling, since when was a puppy creature, and now that it was time to test him, it was arrived that big and bad perception that it have guided him inside this castle and before escape, he have been caught.
“… and i have put in danger my brother… Big Eyes i’m sorry…”

We had listened to his story speechless, looking at Big Eyes, who at end have only added: “He have always had these perceptions, but this i believe it have been the greatest and he have been not capable to manage it, and he have been swallow inside f it”
And when Big Eyes ended with that specific description, his brother, seemed see in front of him the most scareful monster that he have met in his life.
We have stared Big Eyes first then his brother who seemed got pale.

We knew that in some or that way, he would have explained us that his perentine change. He have looked at us deeply, and he begun.
“I don’t know how you got into the castle. It’s impossible.
In reality the gray blanket in the sky is not what everyone imagined it to be. Just rain clouds. No! It’s something worse!” 
In that instant, we have looked at us each other with wide eyes open, and even if we not wanted hear it, we were forced to.

The brother of Big Eyes have closer to the window and he have looked at outside, indicating us two yellowish reddish light in the sky. 
They were two light that we had, already noticed, but that we had not much paid attention, instead from what that small creature was telling us it were those lights to which we had stay more careful. 
“They have been those lights that have made me perceived that something was going wrong. It were a couple of days that i have seeing those two lights in the sky” He have stopped and immediately have looked at Big Eyes who have nodded looking at us.

“He was so nervous, and he wanted go to check it immediately, but within few days there it would been the test, but he had already perceived something wrong… and…” Big Eyes haven’t ended speak, but he have came closer to his brother, and they have shared a glance. But we have been us arrive to the conclusions, and only when you have looked at me, tightening stronger my hand, you have whispered: “The creature who wants build his own town is that one…”

The glance of the brother have wided open more, and it seemed he had fear nodding.
Always on the ground, we have wanted paid attention to those two  reddish yellowish light in the sky. 
Looking at them better they seemed just two eyes set on that castle, and staring it better, we have could also define his long and dark body. 
At end, we have looked at the brother of Big Eyes, and his question: “How did you we have been capable enter?” have hammered our head, till we haven’t began to see the golden map, hiding it from the window. 
Those two lights were moving really slowly, but we didn’t knew what and above all who he was looking at.”


Listen to it 🔉⤵



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